Life is hard for an Otaku: How to keep a Cosplay group

I’m going give you some helpful tips on keeping cosplay groups alive.

Cosplay alone is hard to manage, and in a group it’s nearly impossible. In order to have a functioning group there are key components that should be maintained.

  1. Communication
  2. Motivation/Determination
  3. Sharing the load
  4. Drama control


Refers to the challenging tasks of careful planning and discussion. Making sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to shopping and building the cosplays. Also agreement on what the cosplay is, meaning who/what they are comfortable wearing.


Sometimes cosplay making can become a frustrating task that turns into a chore more than a fun creative activity. But in a group, you have each other to cheer you on and keep you motivated during the process. Sometimes group working sessions and just regular hangouts, causal research -binging shows- help to keep you on track and motivated.


It’s all about using everyone’s skills and expertise. Sometimes it’s easier for a seasoned armor maker to make the armor for the cosplays versus a noob. But with that being said a noob might be able to assist. And that can be said about seamstresses and prop makers too! Assistants help the projects get done faster!


I’m going to be very real with you here. There will be drama. Have it be during a group chat or at the con, it can happen anywhere. Drama is best dealt with when everyone is honest and considerate of each other. Think of every member in the group as a pilot to the limb of a legendary robot defender. If you’re not n’sync you can’t dance, -cough- I mean form Voltron. References aside, teams work better together.

Adjusting life to cosplay can be difficult, but adjusting cosplay to life can be inspirational.

Stay calm and make cosplay.




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