Kumoricon 2018

Holy shit, you guys.

This year was intense. From a staffing stand point there was a lot of juggling but somehow we made it happen. From Day 0 it was a whirlwind and by the last day we were about to pass out standing up. With about 6-9 hours of sleep for the entire weekend I think we did well. We only left one pair of shoes and somehow left with an extra wig cap.

Here is the play by play.

Day 0:

Running straight from work to the convention center for staff training. Then setting up the karaoke room. Last minute cosplay shopping. Dinner with the top tier management for the convention. Moving into the hotel and feeding the weebs in the hotel room.

Day 1:

Fires on a silent scale. Got to explore merch. Hair issues. Photoshoots. Sore feet. A little bit of singing. Lashes were stabbing my eyes. Pre-game drinking and not a whole lot of dancing. Prepped hair for wigs.

Day 2:

Airbrushed some make up. More people more fires. Food got delivered this time. Lashes were still stabbing my eyes. Dressed up a director as a maid. Dyed a beard blue. More photoshoots. Yelled. Cried. Pregamed again. Saw Teddyloid.

Day 3:

Fires were subsiding. Incidents were reported. Deadass tired. Got some donuts. Did some very official business with the Chair of con. Moved out of the hotel. Bought an ocarina. Ate late night Denny’s. Passed out.

Let’s just say, as fun as it was, it was also a blur. We got some stellar group photos and made our first vlog as Weebspeaking Gaishits. So overall I would say Kumoricon was a success 👌🏾





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