13 Days of Otakutober: Why is Claymore under appreciated?

Hey all, it’s Story time with Star!

I was about 10 years too late on this anime but back in 2011, I watched my first horror anime. I was an avid watcher comedy/ecchi/adventure anime as a preteen-teenager after having a childhood filled with Sailor Moon, Dragon ball and Pokémon so this was the first time I stepped out of my routine and faced my fear.

I was honestly worried for no reason.

Image result for claymore anime

Because Claymore wasn’t scary, it was invigorating. The concept of elite women wielding claymores immediately grabbed me.

  1. The women weren’t thin, they were Amazonian. It made sense for strong women to wield strong weapons.
  1. Each Claymore had a sense of honor and loyalty like a knight but with the freewheeling sensibility of a samurai.
  1. Art wise, it was traditionally horror. Gritty, dark, bloody. With bold lines and sharp edges. some shiny metal

Just watch it guys and see what I’m talking about.


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