Day 4: Don’t light the Blue Flame Candle – Horror and Thriller Anime for Noobs

Hey everyone! Welcome to another day of Otakutober! This was inspired by a conversation I was having a while ago with a friend who also watched Horror Anime. How we would introduce anime to people who usually wouldn’t watch anime but likes horror. So here are my suggestions.

I think the best way to break this up would be by the sub-genres of Horror. In anime there are many kinds of horror that speak to all lovers of the mysterious, dark and ghostly.

Candy Pop Horror

Toilet-bound Hanako-kun Series Review: The Truth in Rumors
Watch on Netflix | About a girl who makes friends with a ghost in a bathroom at her school after being rejected by her crush.

Thriller Horror


Promised Neverland
Watch on Netflix | Intelligent group of kids realize they are being bred to be eaten and make a desperate, calculated plan to escape.

Psychological Horror

*Season one is the best, only venture further if you REALLY want to

Psycho-Pass | Apple TV
Watch on Apple TV | In a world where detectives are teamed up with people who are deemed psychopaths the hurt a serial killer using guns that measure a person’s sanity.

Gorey Horror

*I purposefully suggested the remake to all seasoned weebs reading

when they cry, higurashi no naku koroni
Watch on Hulu | Your “A” typical classic anime of cute girls mascaraing each other.

Gothic Horror

*It’s very good but it doesn’t finish… The manga is still going… Publishes twice a year

D. Gray Man
Watch on Hulu | A young man is training to become an exorcist.

Action Horror

Watch Claymore Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)
Watch on Hulu | An elite alliance of female warriors called Claymores hunt demons.

Dark Horror

Watch Hellsing Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)
Watch on Hulu | A psychotic vampire hunts other vampires

Crazy Horror

*Disclaimer only for people who like BAT SHIT CRAZY plots and I’m not talking weird crazy like Parasite or gross like Human centepeade or elequent like Stephen King. This is deeply disturbing lol For a casual noob this is NOT FOR YOU.

Watch on Netflix | A young man finds out that the more sins you commit the more demonic you become.

Alright, those are all my suggestions! I would also like to suggest not to watch them all at once but who am I to tell you what to do with your eyes xD.




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