Halloween Town

Hey everyone have you ever been to Halloween town?

It is quite the drive from Portlandia but this trip has been on my bucket list since I learned that the very town they filmed it was only 1hr and a half away from my very home.

The event itself is designed to celebrate the oh-so-spooktacular holiday with haunted tours, the lighting of the giant pumpkin, photos with Marney, a costume contest, a gothic dance party and a parade. So what better way to celebrate then bringing all the Gaishits!

The drive was scenic and surprisingly easy. Once we got to the Saint Helen’s it was such a cozy, kind of Skyrim feeling town. Not in the way the vampires trying to kill you, or Jarls. But the way it was built, like levels going up a hill. It’s also a port town so the doc had boats and the water brought a chilly breeze.

The festival was cute, with the not just one giant pumpkin but two! There were booths for kids and lots of quirky decoration. Little did we know, that Saint Helens is also home to not only Halloween Town but Twilight. So Twi-hards this is your town. The best part was the antique vendor malls! There were some truly authentic treasures if I had money to blow, I would have scored on some amazing stuff. I’m still dreaming about it haha We then took a shuttle to a hookie pretend oddity store. It was a cute attempt though.

In other words we had fun and took a lot of photos. If you’re a fan, I recommend a visit.





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