13 Days of Otakutober!

Hello my fellow anime/manga lovers! And welcome to 13 Days of Otakutober! Now, you’re probably wondering what the hell we mean when we say 13 Days of Otakutober (I mean I would be too).

For the next 13 days leading up to Halloween, Star & I will be posting Halloween and spooky (and spoopy) related content EVERY DAY to one of our social media channels. We’ll be bringing either posts here on our blog, pics on our insta, or tweets on our twitter relating to all things anime/manga that have to do with the spooky month or Halloween. So buckle down my witches, wolves, and basement otaku’s, and get ready to get spooky! Follow us everywhere to keep up with the content each day or look up our #13DaysOfOtakutober if you miss a day! We totally welcome you to join in the fun as well (we’ll be checking that hashtag to see what lovelies post).

And again welcome to Otakutober!

 ♥ — Luna

Image result for anime halloween

Go follow the hashtag #13daysofotakutober



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