A Diamond Friendizersary

It’s Star’s story time guys! Today I will tell the story of the birth of Y0uC4n7kn0w.

When you’ve been friends for as long as we have it’s worth celebrating. But this Friendizersary isn’t just about us at 10 years, it’s also about where we’ve been. The friends we’ve kept over the years, and the friends we’ve met together.

I would say that we aren’t the best role models to follow when it comes to moral decisions and common sense but we do have some things to say about what it means to keep a friendship going. Out of 1500 people who graduated in 2012, 10-20 duos made it through the 4 long, tortuous years. But only 4 duos made it as long as we have.

And that means something.

Keeping a friendship isn’t easy, we’ve had our ups and downs, agreements to disagree but it’s not necessarily the record-time that keeps us together but the fact that we’d have to teach someone else how to speak the language we’ve perfected.

There have been a brave few to hang with us and some have stuck almost as long as we have. We hope that our friendship could help inspire others to have healthy relationships.

(Podcast coming soon.)

Alright, let’s bring it back to 2009 when we met. It was gym class freshmen year, in the locker room when Luna heard the faint humming of Star a few lockers away humming the theme to Ouran High School Host club.

There’s nothing more scary then possibly being outed as a weeb in high school so that was completely nerve wracking when I heard, “Are you humming ‘Kiss kiss fall in love’?” I was caught off guard and accepted my fate, confessing that I was a weeb and she was just as relieved. Because she asked me, she had outed herself as well.

Naturally, we bonded over character jokes and manga tropes which birthed a legendary comic about our jokes and people we know. We’d draw panels taking turns and exchanging notebooks in between class periods. And when people started asking questions we would say “You can’t know”. Which wasn’t a lie because it was the name of our derpy little comic.

To this day we still reference the same jokes but we’ve definitely elevated from composition notebooks to pics and blogposts. Not to mention a stack of Scrapbooks filled with ticket stubs and photos of the many chapters in our lives.

Here’s to many more!

~Best freak friends for life~


Before you even ask, no we’re not gay for each other.


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