Happy Doki Doki Days 2021!

Chocolates. Long walks on the beach. Nice dinners in fancy restaurants. Letters of confessions stuffed in shoe lockers. That’s right everybody it’s that time of year that we celebrate our annual countdown to Valentine’s Day. Welcome, my friends, to Doki Doki Days! For the next few days leading up to the 14th, we’ll be delivering some signature shoujo, romance, and couple related content to make your heart go doki doki! We’ve got a handful of topics such as the many kinds of dere, romance anime reviews, chocolate (yes chocolate), and even a special release to kick it all off tomorrow (a very special release that we’re both very excited about). So why don’t you all grab your roses, your otome games, and dakimakura’s and get ready for some lovely content. Join us starting tomorrow here on You Can’t Know! every day for new blogs, and no worries if you miss a day! They will all be listed down below. And if you’re curious of Doki Doki Days past, you can view our past celebrations for 2020 (here) and 2019 (here) for more love and otaku related content.

We hope you’re looking as forward to this as we are! In the meantime, what is one of your favorite romance anime? Drop some suggestions in the comments or on our twitter! We’re always looking for a new love story to enjoy!

Doki Doki Days 2021
doki doki
digimon adventure tri



Luna & Star

Doki Doki Days 2021

Day 1: This blog!

Day 2: Dreaming of Content, comic reboot!

Day 3: Current Top 5 Anime Couples!

Day 4: Given The Movie

Day 5: Why we love 2D characters

Day 6: A Brief Field Guide to Dere

Day 7: A Rant about the Chocolate Trope


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