Happy DokiDoki Days 2020!

Ya’ll it is the week of Valentine’s day. Whether you have someone to share a mecha suit with that day or whether you’re flying solo, we’re going to be busting out some romance themed content up until Valentine’s day! This year we’ll be covering everything from shoujo anime/manga, to love in the cosplay community, to even the very specific and VERY interesting genre of shounen ai. So this week, don’t forget to treat yourself by taking yourself out for some delicious food on a date for one, whip out your waifu for laifu (or husbando), and live your BEST shoujo life this week.

So once again, I welcome you all to this wonderful countdown to Valentine’s Day. Please join us this week by checking back every day for blogs that will let you soak in the shoujo, and make your heart go DokiDoki.

Day 1: Defining Bishoujo and Bishonen (mostly for noobs and normies to the genres)

Day 2: Top couples of the year! Capatin Luna and her ships

Day 3: Girls Girls Girls– GL/Yuri through the years

Day 4: The Complexity of Yaoi (The Good and the Bad)

Day 5: Sex and Love and Hentai, Oh my!

Day 6: A Weeb’s Guide to Spending Valentine’s Alone

We AishiteLOVEru

~Stay weebtastic xoxo

–Star & Luna