A Weebs Guide to Spending Valentine’s Alone

Just because you’re flying your mech suit solo doesn’t mean you’ve gotta crash.

It’s Valentine’s Day again, and for those who are in relationships. Great. But for the rest of us who remain single, Valentine’s Day can be anything from just your average day to a day of melancholy for being single. But y’know what? Why can’t you make your own heart go DokiDoki and treat yourself? I’m about to steer us into the cringe. These are my tips for how to spend a weeby Valentine’s Day.

Crack some Shoujo up in here

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If you can’t live a shoujo then go ahead and pull out your favorite shoujo and have a reading party. Which just means binge the hell out of it. The same applies for anime and you know what the best part is? You don’t even have to stay solely on shoujo. It may be a day filled of romance but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a day filled of Titans or ninjas. That is to say, fill your day with watching/reading something YOU love.

Bake yourself a treat

You know how most shoujo manga have a Valentine’s chapter in which the main girl learns to/makes something for her crush? Then you know how they either explain the recipe in the text or put it as an afterword? So take those recipes and make them for yourself. That way you’re not only learning a new skill but also treating yourself to some delicious sweets (hopefully. Hopefully it turns out delicious). Just think: whatever you make can’t be as bad as the monstrosities of a shoujo protagonist.

When in doubt, Mystic Messenger

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Okay so go ahead and sub Mystic Messenger in for your preferred dating sim game and wa-la! Instant Valentine’s date if you really need one (but you don’t. In fact go treat yourself instead). But if you want cute Korean characters to care for you, go ahead and call some of the Mystic Messenger characters and listen to them chat about nothing and everything to you (assuming they pick up). I recommend choosing your favorite and listening to all the voice messages you can. But also, if you don’t want to play a dating sim. Just play a favorite game of yours. Brawl it out. Grand theft out it. Even LoL it if you have to.

Take yourself out

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And no—not with a sniper rifle. But since lots of couples tend to go to the zoo or to dinner or something fun, why not do the same for yourself? Be that person who takes themselves somewhere nice, and if you’re too awkward to go alone — take a friend! Take a page out of Yu-Gi-Oh and make it a superspecialawesome day of friendship! More importantly, go to all those cute cafes and take advantage of the Valentine’s specials. It’ll be amazing. Trust me. Star and I have definitely done this…multiple times.

Practice your kabe-don

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Because why the fuck not? Practice it on your dakimakura or just study by watching a lot of kabedon in anime. This is a skill that as weebs, we must all perfect.

The worst best Valentine Cards

We’ve all seen them. We know what they are. Those anime themed valentine cards all over the internet. Go find the best (worst) of them and send them to all your weeb friends as a quick pick me up throughout the day. It’ll be worth it—believe it!

Just a day~Just an ordinary day

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The real best way to spend a Valentine’s Day alone though, is to spend it with your one true love: anime. Or manga. Or video games. Or whatever weeby thing you love. Here on this blog, we encourage everyone to live their #BestWeebLife, so why should Valentine’s Day be any different? So get out there or stay in, but just stay Weeby.

…And definitely don’t spend the day creating a good luck charm for your crush (she says. Trying not to hide the glue gun behind her back). No, I’m just messing with you. I’m sure waifu for laifu, or husbando til the endo will appreciate.

Stay weebstatic