First Impressions – PET

I can’t tell if this anime is kinky or trippy. Both? Possibly both

So recently as I’ve been going through this season’s anime, I’ve come across a title that…well, I just don’t know what to think of. I nearly dropped it after episode one, but we all know one episode isn’t a fair representation of a full season, so I continued watching…and continue to watch out of sheer curiosity. That anime is Pet.

So first off, when you start watching Pet, it feels like a fever dream. What is real and what isn’t? I swear to Goddess that this is the most mind vending series in the world that is about mind bending. This gives Pet an honestly cool effect on the viewer (to give them such a mind bending experience just like the characters) but it also makes it INCREDIBLY hard to follow along the plot. Hence why I nearly dropped it. If not wowed by the craziness, the viewer will instead be left feeling confused and frustrated. Because what the hell did they watch? Honestly the way this anime is shot is impressive but also a fucking mess at times.

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The more you watch of it though, the clearer the picture gets and the more coherently it begins to tell it’s story. And by episode 4-5 we finally have an idea of what a Pet is and also what valleys and peaks are. And how mind crushing works (kinda). Essentially it’s like hacking into a person’s brain and ruining or changing their “peak” (think of this as like their happy place). Peaks can be given to someone else to help them deal with being able to access others peoples minds or something…like without a peak to protect your own mind your vulnerable to everything wandering in. But then when someone shares their peak with you, you can lead a normal life and learn to protect yourself. But the interesting thing…it seems like once someone has shared their peak with you, you become incredibly attached to them—almost like a pet. You get excited when they are around and sad when they leave. At first people in the comments section thought the two MC’s were gay for each other (still could be) but the more we saw other pets interacting …it became clear that this is just the kind of bond that forms upon sharing your peak. It’s…so odd.

Nah, you know? I think that’s a great way to describe Pet so far. It’s so odd…but also like intriguing. Like I want to keep watching more but I don’t know why. I really like our goldfish boy. Evil version of Kaneki though is pretty okay for now. I have to say I both like him and really hate him for how he uses goldfish boy. I think I’m definitely going to keep watching Pet until it’s over and see just where this trippy anime leads. Not to mention the opening is fire since TK performed it (I literally say this about every opening TK does). Anyway, what are ya’ll’s thoughts on Pet so far? Into it? Not into it? Think it’s possibly just you tripping on LSD and not a real anime? I’d love to hear what anyone thought! Til next time~

Stay weebtastic