Day 6 of Doki Doki Days: A Brief Field Guide to Dere

Hello everyone and welcome back to day six of Doki Doki Days! Valentine’s is but one day away for Star and I and while we are going to be making chocolate for ourselves and probably re-watching some shoujo anime, for today I’m going to be giving ya’ll a quick lil guide to something that is oh so fun–different types of dere. Now, I’m sure we’re familiar with some of the more typical dere type, but there are many MANY type of dere. Hopefully this quick cheat sheet will help you if ever you run into any of these types of dere.

doki doki days
love is war
dere types


hori x miyamura

Okay so let’s start simple–start with a kind of dere that we all know. Tsundere. I think we all know that a tsundere is essentially the embodiment of tough love. A person who is cold, hotheaded, perhaps even violent or rude but that shows a gentler side over time. Usually when embarrassed, they are prone to hiding it with all of the previously mentioned actions. A great example of a tsundere is actually Hori from Horimiya. Every time she is embarrassed by something Miyamura does or says, she usually wants to hit him.



Dandere’s are really cute. Really fucking cute. They are quiet and reserved for the most part, but when they are around the person they love (if you’re lucky that’s you) then they’ll be all cute and actually interact and be a person. If you’re trying to think of a character who is a dandere, I would like to point to my personal favorite–the absolute queen–Hinata from Naruto.


tamaki suoh
ouran high school host club

I’m putting these two together because they are essentially the same in how they like to be treated. Both Oujidere and Himedere like to be treated like royalty–either as a prince or a princess–by people around them. I will also say that these dere types also tend to not just look great but also know that they look great–aka being humble isn’t usually in the cards. A good example of oujidere is none other than Prince-sama Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club.


misa misa
death note

An undere essentially just fawns over the person they are in love with. Like crazy fawn over them. Like they will say yes to anything their crush wants. Like they would probably take a bullet for the person they have a crush on because that is all that matters. Undere tend to annoy me a bit. A good example of an undere? Bonus points if you guessed it! Misa from Death Note.


yuno gasai
future diary

Another one that I think we all know inside our soul without it having to be spelled out. Yandere are definitely people you wanna look out for. Their love can be very…obsessive. They can be so normal–so sweet–and then BAM they turn into an absolute psycho (but don’t worry they still love you). No need to really say who is a good example…we all know it’s Yuno.


kamisama kiss

It’s alright guys, I’m totally “cool”. A kuudere is one of the least offensive types of dere (aka they aren’t usually too over the top). They act cool most of the time and have a very uncaring attitude. However, when it comes to the person they like–they will melt and be very caring. I like to describe them as ice cream in the sun. Example character? Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss.


my love story

The last dere for your quick field guide that we’re going to go over today is a deredere. A deredere sounds pretty repetitive and self-explanatory. These people are happy, sweet, and somewhat energetic, and when they are in love they are still the same sweet and energetic. I surprisingly love these kinds of characters, and my favorite example is Takeo from My Love Story!

This was a but a small glimpse into the world of dere. I’ve mentioned some but there are SO SO many more types of dere, though I like to think they get rarer and rarer the more obscure they get. I tend to run into the above types of dere more often than other unmentioned types of dere, but who knows? Maybe we’ll revisit this field guide in another post. But for now, I hope this has been somewhat informative. As a fun little game–wanna guess what kind of dere Star and I categorize ourselves as? Bonus points if you can figure it out! Meanwhile what kind of dere are you? If you are one. Otherwise, we’ll see you back here for the FINAL day of Doki Doki Days!

Stay weebtastic




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