Day 2 of Doki Doki Days– Dreaming of Content, comic reboot!

Hey! Its such an honor to bring to you virutal folk our latest reboot project! We decided to reboot our comic, now called Dreaming of Content!

Story time!!!

A long time ago in the earliest years of our friendship we had a notebook that we passed between each other and inside was a compilation of our inside jokes and quotes we had about and from our friends in a comic form. When people would ask us what we were drawing, writing or reading we’d answer with “You can’t know.” . Much like the burn book from Mean girls it was kept a secret. In fear that someone would read or see our comics and misunderstand. In natural, weeb, fashion we drew in a manga like style with American like panels.

Given neither of us were super great at art at the time we still worked on it. Sometimes influencing each other with our styles. By the end of our high school years, the notebook became a sketch book and we started to prefect our craft. But when we graduated the sketchbook became like a traveling pants journal that was kept too long. And thus, the comic met it’s end.

And that concludes story time!

So as you can imagine our cast of characters change a multitude of times. But generally, the main characters stayed the same for volumes 1-4 (The High School Years). Obviously the college edition would have changed as well but it was pretty half baked since we had two totally different casts and our crossovers didn’t really exist. In fact, the whole feeling had changed. Which brings me to now.

We wanted to reboot the comic but with a more reasonable flare. Taking what we enjoyed about the creation and changing what was stressful. In this case, we eliminated our random overarching plot with more single page comics. And why not use updated equipment like digital art methods and *POOF* WE HAVE A WEBCOMIC. Being that we are big fans of indie webcomics it didn’t take us long to come to that conclusion. And although we didn’t draw as much as we did in highschool the skills we acquired never left!

Our individual styles are VERY different. I, Star often have a 90s shoujo look while Luna has more of a 90s shonen feel. She uses short and soft strokes to make her edges and I use more solid lines and hard lines.

So that’s it! We hope to make one strip and one splash page every month switching off on who does what.

And what is the comic about? Well. We thought it’d be funny to draw our friends as content creators… And living together haha. It’s mostly comedic and doesn’t have an over-arching plot. Some comics may be tiny archs. So here’s to a new avenue in the YCK chapter…

Y0UC4N7KN0W presents Dreaming in Content




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