Dreaming of Content- Our Official Webcomic

Hey everyone! A while ago we posted about when we first launched the webcomic but this time, we wanted to celebrate how much we got accomplished! We’re about 100 views a month, with a total of 10 favorites and 7 subscribers.

So here’s a little reminder for those that have missed it the first time. In February, we soft launched the comic about our friends and it’s been such a blast brainstorming strips and splash pages. Although we aren’t professional artists we still enjoy this ancient art project that started in High School and has now evolved into this indie artist experience.

We’ve been on a twice a month schedule for updates, which isn’t bad and sometimes nice to have since it allows us to take a break from the usual blog writing. One way or another, we really like what we created and although we’re still in the starting stages we love seeing the support!

So as a gift, we thought we’d share some of our splash pages from the comic every once in a while! So here they are!

If you’d like to read our comic you can find it on webtoons!

Stay weebtastic!




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