Otaku Thursday: Top 5 Anime Endings of Spring 2021

Hello and welcome back to Otaku Thursday! Today I had been planning on bringing you a first impressions of To Your Eternity, but unfortunately I think I’ve been writing one too many long reviews! Between first impression blog posts an my day job which is 98% writing, I’ve seemed to injure my wrist a bit (whoops). So this week, I’m going to forego any long form writing such as first impressions or musings and come at you with a short and sweet top 5 anime EDs of Spring 2021 to give my wrist a bit of a break! Without further ado, let’s count down some amazing music.

Top 5 anime endings of Spring 2021
otaku thursday

5. “Nainai” by ReoNa, Shadows House

This might just be my undying love for ReoNa that made me choose this because I know NOTHING of the show. While the visuals of the ending are interesting, I’m mostly in love with ReoNa’s vocals.

4. “Strobe Memory” by Maaya Uchida, SSSS. Dynazemon

Kinda salty I couldn’t find the actualy ED video from the show, but just know that I haven’t gotten around to watching this yet, but I LOVE the ending song and visuals. I’m excited to start it. Maaya Uchida absolutely kills the vocals on this. 10/10

3. “Koko de Iki o Shite” by eill, Tokyo Revengers

Okay despite still feeling slightly betrayed that this is secretly an Isekai (I’m kidding), this ending is like top notch. Not to say the show isn’t, but it’s a good show but an amazing ED song and I’m like actually mesmerized by the universe/starscape sequences. I don’t know why, but it also seems so drastically different from the tone of the show and yet fits perfectly.

2. “Until I wake from Dreaming,” by Miliyah Kato and Yoshida Brothers, Mashiro no Oto

It took everything in my power NOT to give this number one. Honestly, part of me believes it deserves it, another thinks its unfair it gets best OP and best ED of spring 2021, but honestly this show was friggin’ on point with their music choices. If I’m being totally honest, there isn’t anything I don’t like about this ending. It’s so perfect. Strong vocals. Beautiful Shamisen. Gorgeous animation. This show did not come to play.

  1. On my Own” by HYDE, Mars Red

So, despite me wanting to continue giving best ED to Mashiro no Oto, the Mars Red ED has a special place in my heart. Mainly because the song is actually a real banger…but partly because there is just something about this ED that reminds me of like, late 2000s AMVs. WHY? Why do I get this feel? I think maybe because it’s like cinematic like and the song just like feels like all those popular AMV songs. I don’t know. It just is like. A great song and it gives me a weird sense of nostalgia. I had to give it number one.

Well, that’s it for my top five anime endings of Spring 2021! The only other ending I’d like to give a shoutout to is the Fruits Basket The Final ending, “Haru Urara” by GENIC. I actually really love this ending, but Fruits Basket dominates when it comes to openings and endings. They haven’t had a bad one, always been super strong and this one follows that tradition–plus new art from the author for it? Literal heaven for me. Anyway, sorry this was such a short post! Next week I’ll hopefully be back with a longer post for To Your Eternity (and a wrist that is not in pain).

Stay weebtastic!




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