Welcome to Niji Nights!

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to our annual pride event, Niji Nights! This is year number two doing this awesome (and incredibly fun) event! For the next week, we’re going to be posting EVER single day and bringing you some content highlighting LGBTQIA+ characters, themes, and stories in Anime, Manga, Webtoons and more!

Last year we talked about everything from sex positive anime, to the portrayal of trans characters in anime/manga, to the troublesome aspects of Yaoi, and more! This year we’re super excited to be talking about even more LGBTQIA+ and highlighting some great webtoons, characters, symbolism in BL, plus much MUCH more! I hope you guy are excited as we are and I hope you’ll enjoy the next few days!

Day 1: Introduction to Niji Nights 2021!

Day 2: Yaoi vs. BoysLove

Day 3: LGBTQIA+ Webtoons to Read

Day 4: Yuri vs. GirlsLove

Day 5: 5 Boys Love anime to watch

Day 6: Wing Symbolism and Boys Love

Day 7: 5 Girls Love anime to watch

Day 8: Queers in Anime

So without further ado, welcome to Niji Nights! We will posting once a day, focusing on LGBTQIA+ representation in anime, manga, cosplay, and weeb community up until the 19th. As always, we’ll be documenting each post at the bottom of this one in case you miss a day, and you can click here to view the masterpost for last year’s celebration.

I hope you shuffle on down to our blog and join us every night as we celebrate Pride the best way we know how!



Luna & Star


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