Day 7 of Niji Nights: 5 Girls Love Anime to Watch

Hello, hello and welcome back to day seven of Niji Nights! Can you believe we’re almost done? This week has flown by so fast but it has been a blast for Star and I! Tomorrow, Star will be wrapping up our week long blog celebration, but today we’re going to be bringing you the complimentary post to day five. That’s right, whereas before we gave you five Boys Love anime to watch, today we’re going to be recommending you five Girls Love anime to watch too! Without further ado, let’s talk about them.

Niji Nights
Girls Love
fumi x akira
sorawo  x toriko

Bloom into You

Bloom into You
Yuu x Touko

I like to say this is an honest story about two girls discovering what love is. It felt genuine and realistic in the emotions they experienced. It also shares a story of a Demisexual and an Ace, showcasing each in their struggles and where they meet in the middle. Get it? Their love is GROWING and BLOOMING.

Adachi and Shimamura

Adachi and Shimamura
Adachi x Shimamura

This show is a great first chapter. That’s what I like to say at least. This showcases the relationship that grows between the title characters, Adachi and Shimamura. They clearly have a bond from the get-go, and this bond grows over time until there’s clearly something more to it. Adachi is an open book. We know how she feels about Shimamura, and her feelings for the other girl change and develop over time. Shimamura on the other hand is harder to read, but there’s definitely heartwarming and intimate moments between them. By the end of the entire show, it’s clear the two have grown much closer, and that there’s going to be much more to their story. I enjoy this show a lot, there are some….questionable choice of plot in my opinion (the alien. THE ALIEN), but it’s a really good overall and a definite watch title.

Aoi Hana

Aoi Hana
Fumi x Yasuko

An anime from like…2009. If you are only going to watch one or two things on this list, I would recommend Bloom into You or Aoi Hana. So, this to me is a classic. I think that Aoi Hana deals with a lot of struggles of not just growing up, but growing up and falling in love, going through tough times, and more. It’s honestly a beautifully told story that is certainly character driven with a strong lead. The main characters here are Fumi, who is a lesbian, and her childhood friend she recently reconnected with–Akira. But Akira and Fumi aren’t the ones in the relationship–no, the majority of the story deals with Fumi’s relationships, with Akira being there for her as a sounding board and anchor as she explores love and growing up. It’s a truly great and unique story, and what I will always says is one of the most genuine portrayals of a girl x girl relationship I’ve ever seen. TO THIS DAY. So Aoi Hana? A must watch.

Otherside Picnic

Otherside Picnic 
Sorawo x Toriko

So Otherside Picnic is a relatively new anime, but one that, while it certainly wasn’t amazing, was a really REALLY good story. And in my opinion, a weirdly refreshing Girls Love story. The reason why? Because it actually breaks the mold of GL in a way. See, most GL (and also a lot of BL) are drama heavy, character driven, romantic stories that feature a lot of tropes. Otherside Picnic? Is a friggin Horror story/Sci-fi where doors to the Otherside exist and upon entering them, you end up in worlds were urban legends and horror stories are brought to life. The two main characters, Sorawo and Toriko bond over their time spent fighting and surviving in the Otherside and neither of them are stereotypes by any means. So in a way, Otherside Picnic is refreshing for the Girls Love representation in genre fiction because there just simply isn’t a lot of it. But the nuance in which Otherside Picnic managed to weave intimate moments between the two and the plot (which in all fairness, wasn’t the best), together in wonderful ways. So even if the anime isn’t perfect, the relationship between Toriko and Sorawo is where the magic lies for me in the world of genre fiction where LGBTQIA+ representation can be hard to find.


aer x neviril

A strangely artistic take on a Mecha. Imagine a lesbians Darling in Franxx… Except they get to choose their sex when they retire! It takes two girls (and a kiss) to pilot these air jets. This anime is a little outdated but it brings up some interesting points on gender identity and sexual freedom in women. Warning though it lost some funding in the middle of it’s creation which ended in a lot of interesting looking panels.

Alright so those were our five recommendations of Girls Love anime that you should be watching! Thanks so much for joining us on beautiful day 7 of Niji Nights! We have one more day to go, so I hope you check in tomorrow for Star to close out our 2021 Niji Nights celebration! Thanks again for sticking around, and drop any GL titles you’d like to recommend in the comments. Until next time~

Stay Weebtastic




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