Star’s experience in Supernatural: Kyokou Suiri (In/Spectre)

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This series is about two unlikely people who meet in a hospital. Both have a secret that they can see yokai and spirits. The girl has sacrificed her eye and leg while the guy has a poisonous body that grows back. Then the guy’s ex-girlfriend runs into the girl and together they join forces to solve a mystery regarding a death of an idol. I may need to watch the rest of this anime to get a full grasp on where it’s going.

That was my first impression.

In retrospect the art is pretty. Softly colored and gorgeous detailing, especially eyes and food. The plot was linear and predictable in resolve. But the how was always a mystery. I found it interesting that the mastermind of the series ended up being the girl. Funny, since I usually find male characters like that annoying I found her to be not as bad but don’t get me wrong she is still annoying haha.

I am curious to know if there a second season, since the plot only just (and abruptly) introduced the main protagonist and an ultimate power of telling the future. I feel like we got through the first act of the story ONLY. Being that it was all setting up for the next arch but not gracefully. It gives off the impression that it may have been rushed to begin and end. It’s the story of poor planning -sigh- call me a critic but I did enjoy it enough to watch through the season.

Lore wise I thought the yokai was cute and the magic to be interesting but I wished we could have seen more of it in action. Relationship wise the two main seem like a very unlikely pairing. She was also sex obsessed. Not exactly sure why, she just was.

The opening is rather chaotic to watch and list to. At the end though, the guy is the one that is missing.

The ending is interesting. I think it’s a play on their relationship being as intense as swing dancing. But in the end the girl is the one that’s missing.

There’s symbolism there but honestly it’s hard to figure out with what I’ve seen. So in short I want to say this series is not finished and I’m not sure it will finish.




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