Demystifying Eculture- Star’s Journey to becoming an egirl- Content

The competition is tough. At various points they start to overlap. Egirl/boy, models, Ethots, Cosplayers, Camgirls, Pornstars. All of which are at different degrees of content, ranging from NSFW and SFW content. Each of them selling photosets (digitally or physically), Patreon subscriptions, Ko-fi donations, Onlyfans memberships and so on. But here’s the break down.

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NSFW and SFW differences

Patreon will hide your profile from the general searches which takes away the opportunity to browse. No sexual content allowed.

Ko-fi will filter out words like “lewd” and “nude” from showing up on your profile. No sexual content allowed.

Onlyfans will allow you to sell anything but the payout is $10. Meaning they will hold your money till it’s received.

Gumroad and Bentbox allows you to sell any content of various kinds.

Etsy has strict rules on sexual content as well.

These sites are biggest sources to find this sort of freelanced content. SFW artists tend to stay with Patreon and Ko-fi, since their material isn’t on the verge of getting banned. But NSFW artists use sites like Onlyfans, Gumroad or Bentbox to showcase their lewd, sexual or nude content as well as private camgirl like features by vids.

From what I can gather, photosets don’t make money. Videos do but for a popular model or cosplayer they’ll make money anywhere. But advertising starts to become a challenge the more SFW you go.

Although, this way of making a living isn’t ideal, I’d like to mention that there is a lot of thought and design that goes into each photo. Filters, clothing, poses and knowing how to frame yourself in a shot. I have a lot of respect for the sex industry especially in a society that wants it to disappear there is a lot of courage, confidence, and sacrifice involved. When these artists give consent they can save someone from domestic violence, or getting groped, molested or raped. In Quarantine domestic violence has gone up and even I have found potential clientele online to be overtly demanding.

America has a double standard about nudity and everyone on the internet believes they can demand anything from anyone. Just remember that these artists are people who are also trying to survive.

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