Demystifying Eculture- Star’s Journey to becoming an Egirl- Clientele

During this pandemic there has a been a shift in the Weeb culture. Many normies have been forced into the lifestyle that us weebs have mastered over the years. They seem to be quickly adapting to our ways by watching lots of anime, playing many video games, streaming and dare I say, dressing up in cosplay. Then an idea hit me as I was sitting there laid off till May. I, Star will become an egirl.

***Disclaimer this story is degrading, disrespectful and partially disturbing but very much a true story.

My journey started at the beginning of April when I was approached online by a stranger who asked if I had any content for sale. I didn’t, but I was curious so I asked what he was looking for. This man was a collector. He sought out vids and I was the first he came across that didn’t know what he meant by content. So I took this as an opportunity to get closer, learn more about this kind of audience. I allowed him to create and help build my “menu” based on what he was interested in and what I was willing to do.

His demands were very random at first like vlogging vids and what he called, “getting ready” vids, where I brushed my teeth or got dressed. He compensated me by donating to my Kofi. I started by creating a set of ground rules. He wasn’t going to see anything my friends at con wouldn’t see. So bikini was my bottom-line, being that I’m not really a modest person. His demands got more and more revealing that my vids weren’t good enough. I called him out and he became very apologetic at first. Then as our arguments continued he became accusing saying that what he was asking wasn’t bad. I battled him on how he should talk to not just women, but creatives. Even though I was making simple vlogs I made sure it was content that was worth the money he was paying. He fought me on style, that it was simpler to just “point and shoot” which in his language meant a POV shot as if it was a hidden camera and I was just talking and walking around getting dressed. But I found it awkward, kind of creepy and boring.

The biggest problem with what I found in the life of Egirling is that the clientele is demanding. It forces you to criticize yourself and your body. You also become the outlet for dirty and demeaning comments. The anonymity gives them power and a lot of the community takes the abuse because otherwise they aren’t getting paid. Although, I was put in an interesting position where I try to teach my client who I am as a creator and not what he thinks I am. Especially since my content was technically safe for work.

As a note, this transformation is not easy on your psyche, if you are considering to work in this industry or is currently, remember that you are a person of worth.

The report continues as I dive into content…=>




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