Demystifying Eculture- Star’s Journey to becoming an egirl- Community

The Egirl/Eboy community is probably the most inviting and sweet. Although the messages of thank yous are short it’s still very supportive. They often follow each other’s accounts, liking photos, shout-outs and commenting. It can be an ego booster. At first it’s great. Personally I’ve never felt more empowered. Flame emojis, messages with hearts from strangers. You feel beautiful. Then the attention goes sour, read about my experiences here.

I believe there are artists that want to focus more on other passions like, make-up, fashion and professional modeling but get their feet wet as Instagram models first. Because the modeling world is so judgmental and critical it can cause a lot of self-esteem issues that crush those dreams. Some are the opposite and revel in the attention by finding their niche audience. All-in-all becoming known for looks can cause changes in a person’s mental, emotional, physical state.

In a way, egirl/eboy artists stop looking at pics of themselves as people, and start analyzing it as a product. This not only changes the perception that the model has of themselves but the people around the model as well. I had a mix of friends and family who support my new endeavour from afar. But there is a few that don’t agree and found it difficult to accept that I was selling pics and vids, mostly because they went to the extreme of what I could be selling.

But most importantly, this experience has allowed me to look through the lens of the passer-by. I now know how people perceive me and that there is a fight for respect amongst the general public as a person, let alone an artist in this line of work.

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