Digimon Adventure WHY — I mean, Psi

So, I haven’t talked a lot about this on this blog before but…I LOVE Digimon. Like love, love Digimon. I grew up on it and it’s always been my fave childhood show. I’ve watched every single season, every single movie (except the newest. Curse you CV). Hell, Digimon Adventure Tri made me bawl as a grown adult over Digimon because it gave me so many feels. I REALLY LIKE DIGIMON GUYS. Which is why I’m a little taken aback by the newest Digimon news.

Digimon. Adventure. PSI. So, Digimon Adventure Psi is supposed to be the next installment of the Digimon series (yes. Already another installment so quickly after Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna), and I’ not sure how to feel about it to be honest. It’s hard to explain…but I think that I’m on board with it as long as it’s got a purpose. See, I understand that Digimon Adventure Psi is essentially a reboot of the original Digimon Adventure. It will feature the original characters, but it’ll “update” the story by having it take place in more modern times. And that’s where I’m both on board and iffy about it.

Digimon Anime Reboot Reveals Premiere Date

First of all, I’m curious if the fact that the new Digimon takes place in modern times will have any kind of impact on the original story itself. I’m going to assume so, or else why make a reboot to begin with? In fact, the whole purpose of the reboot sort of escapes me. On one hand you can argue that it’s just modernizing the original story for a new generation, but the question still remains of why? Why is it necessary to do? It’s not that I’m necessarily getting all defense over the original material thinking — the original was so fantastic it’ll go down in history (I mean it will, but I’m not that die hard into thinking it can’t be rebooted to be just as good if not better), I’m just a little taken aback considering how many sequels they created around the original story. So why reboot it and potentially change bits of the canon after all this time and effort?

Digimon Adventure Review (Anime) - Rice Digital

This reboot isn’t that case as was with other recent reboots. For instance, the new Fruits Basket reboot aimed to do what the original didn’t–stay true to the source material and finish the story. It essentially took the romcom of the 2000s and turned the new anime into the drama it was supposed to be. Dororo, another reboot, built upon the original story by changing how Hyakkimaru is presented to the viewers and moves around characters and plot to create a much more emotional journey through the story, giving it a brand new feel and a brand new perspective.

Since Digimon Adventure didn’t have source material to “fix” like Fruits Basket, I’m really hoping the modernization of the story results in a reboot path closer to that of Dororo. Meaning, I really hope that it finds a way to elevate the story in some manner and make it more emotional or simply more than it originally was. What this could be? Literally no idea right now. But I hope there’s a plan of some sort on the table. There could be nothing more unfortunate than Digimon being remade just for a cash grab and nothing else. Of course, even if it was a remake for a cash grab…I’d still watch it. I mean like, it’s still Digimon and like I said, I have an unhealthy obsessions with Digimon (and a lot of feelings).

Digimon Adventure Tri: Confession Review – The Uncanny Fox

On the plus side, this does give the creators an opportunity to fix things that they might’ve rushed and perhaps make certain moments that traumatized us (one word: Patamon) even better (even more traumatizing). In addition, we might get better fleshed out characters and character relationships. I’m just wondering if they’ll go as far to change the canon relationships they established throughout Adventure and Adventure 02–which I’m not totally against but I still find peculiar. But actually, speaking of 02, I did hear that like the 02 digidestined, they will be able to have access to both the real world and the digital world. Again. Curious what kind of ramifications that’ll have.

US Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna Release Date Is March 2020

There’s also the possibility that somehow this reboot will have to do with the last Digimon movie –Last Evolution Kizuna. Like I previously said, I haven’t seen the last movie, and while they most likely have nothing to do with each other, there’s always a chance. And I’d be super impressed with it if it did, I just honestly don’t think they are tied. But hey, I could be wrong. After all, this anime is coming out super close to the air date of the last movie (an interesting tactic). But like, that’s most likely a marketing tactic and not a hint that they are somehow linked.


So, all together I’m…still iffy on the new Digimon Adventure. I feel excitement and anxiety over it at the same time. Especially since almost everything I’ve heard about it is just word of mouth so there’s no way of knowing until it airs (which again, it’s supposedly going to air on April 5th). I do have high hopes for it, and I hope it’ll answer my biggest question the longer it runs and the further the reboot gets in it’s story. I just want it to make a case for “Why”. Why is this reboot truly being made? If it has a good enough reason, it’s going to be amazing. And if not? Well, it’ll probably still be good. But nothing more than that. Only time will tel though.

So how do you all feel about Digimon Adventure PSI? Are you PSI-CHED for it? (It’s okay I’ll see myself out for that one). Let me know in the comments below! Til next time!

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5 thoughts on “Digimon Adventure WHY — I mean, Psi

  1. I love Digimon too. Honestly though, I’m iffy too. I haven’t seen Last Kizuna yet either. But…I was kinda hoping for a second season of Tamers rather than a reboot of Adventure, especially when the original Adventure still has enough charm for me to not feel like it needs rebooting.


    1. Ah man I a second season of Tamers would be amazing. I feel like there’s plenty to build on there’s opposed to rebooting the OG which, as you said, has enough charm as if is, and also is well established in it’s story. Like, so much was built off of it that it would be nice to see more care being put into seasons like Tamers (even Frontier).

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    1. There was a radio drama follow up? Wow I actually didn’t know about that but wow! And yeah, I think Frontier was actually pretty good. It had some interesting lore that they could’ve def added onto.

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      1. Not a full follow up. But there were sort of two.
        Message in the Packet: https://digimon.fandom.com/wiki/Digimon_Tamers_Original_Story:_Message_in_the_Packet
        That was the main one.
        For the anniversary release in Japan, there was also the short 2018, which is translated here: https://withthewill.net/threads/digimon-tamers-bd-box-scans-screencaps-discussion-audio-drama-translation.20108/
        So, the thought of a follow up was definitely there.
        Absolutely! Frontier had some really cool ideas, it just didn’t get the recognition.


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