Day 3 of Niji Nights: 5 LGBTQIA+ Webtoons to Read

Hello and welcome back to Niji Nights! I hope you all enjoyed Star’s post on BL and Yaoi last night (I def was not in her room, sitting there, adlibbing my twocents into it as she wrote haha)! If not, you can check it out here if that’s your cup of tea. Today, on the third Niji Night, I’m going to be bringing you some LGBTQIA+ webtoons that you should really check out! Of course there are a ton of really good webtoons but these are four of my current favorite LGBTQIA+ webtoons I’ve read, and one special recommendation from Star at the end!

I want to be a cute anime girl by Azul Crescent

I want to be a cute anime girl 
trans representation

By the title of this one, you may not know what to expect (I know I didn’t). But so this is actually a really good webtoon about a kid name Charon whose older sister dresses him up like a girl one day. She puts him in a wig, makeup, and a skirt…and the thing is, he finds out he doesn’t hate it. In fact, he actually really likes it. The whole webtoon focuses on him as he comes to terms with and becomes comfortable with his desire to no longer be Charon but Cheryl instead, and it does so with a very lighthearted tone. None of the characters Cheryl confides in (his sisters, parents, best friend) all seem to take it in stride, and never make a big deal out of her desire to dress as Cheryl all the time. In fact, they are actually very supportive. It’s also interesting to see Charon go from just thinking he wants to be an anime girl in cosplay to actually considering he may identify as a she. It’s a very cute webtoon about discovery and I really recommend it.

Boyfriends by refrainbow

poly relationship

Ah, such simplicity in the title of this one. So, Boyfriends is something that Star and I are both currently obsessed with. We are constantly telling each other when the next chapter is out. Anyway, so Boyfriends, as per the title, is about a group of Boyfriends. I really like this title for not just showing a canon and wholesome gay relationship, but for showcasing a polyamorous one. I feel like poly couples tend to be seen as this scandalous thing in mainstream media, but Boyfriends takes a very holistic and healthy approach to the groups dynamic. Personally, I think it’s great that we’re seeing that it’s alright to love more than one person, but also how to set healthy boundaries in such relationships. Plus the art is pastel and cute and just the best to look at.

My Best Friend is a Merman by ValerieOS – Giorf

My best friend is a merman

This webtoon…is a guilty pleasure of mine. I actually almost mentioned it in last year’s post but I had only started reading it, so I’m really glad I waited to do it this year. Because My Best Friend is a Merman showcases so many different kinds of love as if it’s nothing, we have interacial, interspecies, nonbinary characters. It’s honestly a goldmine for having positive LGBTQIA+ character portrayals. But the one thing that made me NEED to incorporate in this year’s post, is that it’s currently exploring some really complex feelings, such as loving someone romantically buy identifying as asexual and how lonely that can feel to be dealing with when you’re made to believe one thing your whole life. The webtoon is doing an excellent job tackling this, and honestly it’s one of the best webtoons I’ve seen with an asexual character who still has romantic feelings for another character. I can’t wait for it to dive more into feelings, because it just does such a good job at normalizing and validating so many sexual and romantic feelings.

Always Human by walkingnorth

Always Human
Girls love

Admittedly, I’m still only on season one of this webtoon since I’ve only just recently discovered it (like, less than a month ago). But so far, this is one of the most wholesome Girls Love webtoons I’ve read (so far, I’m like on chapter 30 since I’m reading about 1 chap a day but there are like 70+ chapters). I really like the dynamic of the two main characters. In a world where being a plain human without what they call “mods” is seen as debilitating, so one of the girls really seems to loathe herself. She has such little confidence in her appearance, in the ability for someone to love her, and I really love seeing how supportive her girlfriend is. From the moment they meet to when they begin dating, she’s always trying to prove how beautiful and loved she really is. Since I’m not done with this, I can’t say there won’t be drama, but where I’m at it in it right now, I would 100% recommend. I haven’t been this obsessed with a GL title in a long while. Also, just like Boyfriends, I really love the artwork.

(Star’s choice) Freaking Romance by Snailords

Is about a girl, Zilith, who thinks her apartment is haunted by a hot dude, Zelan. The plot takes an unexpected supernatural twists that involves a third and fourth character into the plot. One character being the girl’s non-binary best friend, Verose, and the hot dude’s brother, Aushi. In all of this drama Zilth is incredibly oblivious to all the affections of the other characters at first but eventually discovers that she herself has feelings for Verose and Zelan. Zilith in a way is pan-sexual and demi-romantic. Although it takes her a while to fall, she is always appreciative of the attractive people around her.

Well, there you have it! These have been my four recommendations for some really amazing LGBTQIA+ webtoons, and one special recommendation from Star. I really love seeing so many webtoons out there that are portraying all kinds of relationships and love. When I was growing up, I never got to see healthy or good portrayals of LGBTQIA+ characters or themes for the most part, so I love that now this is the norm to see in not just media but anime, webtoons, books, etc. Representation matters. I’m glad we’re making some strides in ensuring that we’re representing and understanding people and feelings that are different than our own.

Anyway, that’s about all I have for our 3rd Niji Night! I hope you all have enjoyed this post and that it inspires you to go out and read some webtoons! In the meantime, are there any LGBTQIA+ webtoons you’d recommend we read? Drop them in the comments or on our twitter! I’d love to read them. Til next time~

Stay weebtastic




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