Day 1 of Niji Nights: 5 More LGBTQIA+ Webtoons to Read

Welcome all to the first day of Niji Nights! I hope you all are excited for the content we have for this week of pride. To kick it all off, Star and I thought we’d go ahead and do our yearly refresh for some of our favorite things: Webtoons. But not just any webtoons. Nope, we’re bringing you all 5 our favorite LGBTQIA+ webtoons from over the past year. So if by any chance you’re needing a webtoon to read, here are some of our recommendations!

Niji Nights 
5 More LGBTQIA+ Webtoons

Heir’s Game

Heir's Game Webtoon
Theuden and Isran

Heir’s Game has is a webtoon I’ve been following for a long time. It’s like a period piece that’s about a duel to be the bodyguard of a kingdom’s heir. Except the heir falls in love with one of the duelists who has a dark and messed up past. So basically, it’s got everything–we’ve got the romance between our main character, Theuden and Isran, action as Isran fights to be his bodyguard, lots of castle/kingdom drama with Theuden’s family, and a great cast of characters. One of my favorite arcs in this focuses on a female duelist and a court lady falling in love. Their story, while equally dramatic and filled with troubles, was just so beautiful. I really hope it works out for them in the end. 

Boy Girlfriend

Boy Girlfriend Webtoon
Onyx (Lynx) and Keane

So this BL’s is something I only picked up a few months ago but I really like it so far. A guy essentially convinces his best friend to dress up like a girl so that he can make the girl he actually likes jealous. However, this opens the door for Onyx, who has to dress like a girl, start examining his own feelings and how he actually feels about his friend. It’s extra confusing because his idiot friend Keane keeps asking him to continue to dress up like a girl, but then he acts like their dating–going as far as kissing Onyx, leading to him getting confused. While I was iffy on this because I wasn’t sure where it’s going, I do know it’s labeled as a BL–so I’m looking forward to not just Onyx fully figuring out his feelings, but also Keane. 

Fatal Kiss

Fatal Kiss Webtoon
Girls Love

Honestly one of my new favorites. I picked it up only a few weeks ago but I love it. It’s not very far in the plot…but from what I can tell–it’s actually a supernatural romance, though we haven’t quite gotten to the supernatural yet. But I do see some potentially werewolf hints? Anyway, this is a Girls Love where we follow a girl name Reagan (Ray) and her life at a new school where she’s rooming with a really cool girl named Emani. So far, their relationship as roommates is new and relatively sweet. Ray is really enamored with Emani and how cool she is–she clearly has a bit of a crush on her. Meanwhile Emani is protective of Ray already, though I hope to see more of her (and her possibly wolfly protective instincts). There’s also another character Ray gets to know who is also very princely towards her. So…what I’m saying is that this seems like it’s going to be a really fun supernatural, otome-esque GL series. And I’m so into it. z

Prince of Southland

Prince of Southland Webtoon
Donnie and Jensen

This one, is a Sci-Fi based in a metropolitan City that is divided in three factions. Where the rich play, the middle class serve, and the underground deals. Oh! Did I mention there’s Androids too? We follow a politician’s son who is known for getting into trouble in the public eye and happens to meet a runaway from The underground. Together, they learn from each other and the readers slowly unveil what makes the underground so dangerous through the past of the characters. So, in a world of Androids you are bound to have amazing prosthetics and a very interesting stance on police enforcement. I would say the series is as sci-fi as it is romance but by the end of season 1 you start to wonder who’s really got the upper hand. 

Love, Lila

Love, Lila Webtoon
Girls Love
Lila and Irene

I personally enjoy this slow-burn haha (maybe because I’m a little bit of a masochist). Not to mention the art is especially pretty. Given it doesn’t update as often as some of the other webtoons listed here, it is adorable to watch this artistic relationship unfold. Where an ex-primadonna inspires an aspiring sketch artist. It is also surprising to see who makes the first move. It’s hard to say if either character knows ahead of time their own sexuality but in a way it doesn’t matter when you watch the two of them interact with each other. So the readers are just along for the ride of self-discovery, mixed cultures, and heartwarming stomach butterflies. 

Well, there you have it! Those are this year’s recommendations for some LGBTQIA+ webtoons that you should start reading if you haven’t! We think there’s a nice array of them to choose from (and even more if you count the ones from the last two Niji Nights. We hope you enjoy them, and hope even more that you’ll join us again tomorrow for day 2 of Niji Nights!



Luna & Star


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