Welcome to Niji Nights 2022!

Welcome to Niji Nights everyone! It’s been another year and we’re ready to give you some very colorful content!

This year we have had a few comments and conversations about Queerness and LGBTQIA2S+ in anime as it’s becoming more and more visible. Because we, the viewers, don’t always know the intent of the writers and creators there’s no way for us to be 100% about the sexuality or gender of the characters we see.

So with that being said, we can only give our personal opinions and educated guesses on anything we say in these blogs. But we’d also like to share that we have been part of the Fujoshi/Himejoshi community for a very long time, we’ve seen it evolve through the years in very supportive ways from appreciation to appropriation. With anime becoming mainstream it has made the community stronger, more outspoken and very critical. Some would say… Toxic, even.

We think one thing we, weebs, need to remember, is that there was once a time when we couldn’t be open about our love for anime and none of us are experts no matter how many anime we’ve seen and how many we’ve rewatched. Let’s respect the art by respecting each other and seeing it for what it really is. Not blinded by what we want to see but by what is being presented.

This year’s Line-up:

Day 1: 5 more LGBTQIA+ webtoons

Day 2: Demystifying marriage and same-sex unions in Japan

Day 3: 5 of Our Favorite BL Couples

Day 4: 5 of Our Favorite GL Couples

Day 5: The Culture behind Yaoi

Day 6: A More Inclusive World

Day 7: The Rise of the Femboys


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