Day 3 of Niji Nights: 5 of our favorite BL Couples

Happy Day 3 of Niji Nights everybody! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the posts we’ve been doing so far. I thought Star did a great post on marriage in Japan the other day. I found it very informative at least. Today, I’m bringing you–a list. But a fun list in my opinion. Today I’m bringing you some of our top boys love couples. Because now that Star is also an avid BL watcher, we have quite a lot of favorite couples. And we just want to share some of our highlights.

BL couples
Niji Nights
Sasaku x Miyano

5 ) Hua Cheng x Xie Lian (Heaven’s Official Blessing)

Hua Cheng x Xie Lian
Heaven's Official Blessing
BL anime

So one of our joys over the past year has been Heaven’s Official Blessing. Xie Lian and Hua Cheng have a great relationship. Their flirting is extremely strong, Hua Cheng has some of the best one-liners ever. And the two seem like opposites but work well together. Essentially, we love them. They started us on our journey to watching live actions like Untamed (And much much more).

Haruki x Akihiko
BL anime

4 ) Haruki x Akihiko (Given)

These two have a complicated relationship. Watching their relationship grow was actually a little anxiety-inducing. They did not have an easy love story–it was really rough on the both of them, but watching Akihiko mature to eventually come to care for Haruki the way he deserved to be cared for was really sweet. It was a good depiction of a real feeling relationship.

3 ) Yukito x Touya (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Yukito x Touya
Cardcaptor Sakura

What I like to refer to as my gateway into the world of BL. Considering Cardcaptor was just a cute manga, it was great to have one of the romantic couples–and one of the strongest–be Sakura’s older brother and his best friend. Their relationship was so cute and strong. It was probably one of the first true exposures to BL in my childhood. And to this day, they are one of my favorites.

2 ) Bisco x Milo (Sabikui Bisco)

Bisco x Milo
Sabikui Bisco
secret BL

This’ll probably get a little flack from those who think it’s not canon but come on. Milo literally told Bisco he loved him. This couple surprised the hell out of Star and me. Mainly because we didn’t see it coming at first, then it became a joke like –hey they acting real close. They care a lot about each other. And then all of a sudden it was real and we were like DAMN. We called it. But we enjoy these two together–especially considering the couple is part of an action/shounen story.

1 ) Sasaki x Miyano (Sasaki and Miyano)

Sasaki x Miyano
Sasaki and Miyano 
BL anime

The king of all couples for this last year. Sasaki and Miyano was an actual boys love anime that was the slowest burn of all time, but so worth it. Sasaki and Miyano made for a really cute couple–a really cute couple that clearly feel deeply for each other. I liked in particular that Sasaki was the one who really had it bad for Miyano, and it was the OG fudanshi who somehow seemed to be oblivious. I liked how they eventually got together and it was a tooth-rottingly fluffy anime to watch.

So that’s it! That’s five of our favorite boys love couples from anime. Of course we have many more couples we’re fans of. Some more canon than others. Perhaps one day we’ll go into the not so canon but nearly canon ones. Anyway, what are some of your favorite BL couples? Let us know in the comments! And join us tomorrow for some really great GL couples.

Stay weebtastic!




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