Day 4 of Niji Nights: 5 of our favorite Girls Love couples

Eeeeey welcome to another Niji Night! As a partner to 5 of our favorite BoysLove we figure we share the love with girls too! Tonight, I’ll be listing canon couples! (That means the characters who are in a thing vs characters who are not in a thing.)

Yuu Koito & Touko Nanami

Bloom into you

Is for the asexuals out there that haven’t quite figured out how to maneuver a relationship yet. Not to say these two are perfect demonstrations but they definitely nail the frustration of a person with romantic feelings and a person without them. I would also say this anime, if anything, is worth the conversation. I do think that by the end they both have feelings for each other and because it’s so uncommon.

Haruka Tenou & Michiru Kaiou

Sailor Moon

One of the secret pinnacle lesbian couples in anime history. They are so popular for being a well-kept secret that only Japan knew and everyone else suspected. There were many blanks in the episodes of the animation showing their romantic moments in the 90s when the anime aired. But the revamp, did not shy away from the force of their love.

Utena & Anthy

Revolutionary Girl Utema

The Queen and Femboy we owe it all to! They set the bar for GL and gender norms. It just took one femboy to say BET and prove that she could do it better. By scrubbing the norm it opened up a lot of opportunities for other anime to come to light.

Birdie Wing

Eve & Aoi Amawashi

A sports anime that grows a romance between two rivals that love to play against each other. Not that they are forbidden but that they inspire one another like no one has ever done. The excitement of their long game has lead to a lot of growth between the characters.

Menou & Akari Tokito

Executioner and her way of life

One of the most surprising couples and just because of the twists, the memory issues and the do-overs. It’s one of those, defies the odds kind of romance. That in every alternative outcome they would find each other again and again. (Given one of them can’t help but be attracted.) The other one can’t help but feel magnetized to her.

I like to believe, that what all these characters have in common (BL or GL) is an unexplainable gravitation. That somehow and somewhere in their hearts they felt something they couldn’t explain and fought hard to keep it.

Imm head out before I cry this blog is too sickly sweet for my own good and I WROTE IT lol. Bye!




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