Hurts so good–Our Favorite Gang related Anime of all time

I think it’s finally time to set the records straight, here are our favorite Gang related anime!

Banana Fish

New Banana Fish official art❤️🍌🐠 : BananaFish

Such. A. Good. Show. Banana Fish delves right into a majority of NYC underworld, drugs, gangs, violence, and sex scandals in the most beautiful BL way. The real-world aspect of this show never fails to please me, and the interaction between the NYC gangs is–stay with me–DELIGHTFUL to watch. Plus all the gang leaders are great. I mean, just look at Ash. Or Shorter. Or Cain. Or fucking Sing (I stan them all). If you’ve been around this blog, you know that I can’t praise this show enough. I still stand by that because every single time it holds up.

Star’s note to the above opinion–This became one of my favorite anime of the year. I was crying and grieving not just the loss of the characters but the story itself. It ended abruptly yet graceful and I honestly still haven’t gotten over it. I love those boys so much -cries in newyorkan-



210 Best Gangsta. images | Gangsta, Gangsta anime, Anime

This anime surprised me. As much as I expected it to be grungy, I honestly wasn’t thinking it was going to include more than just action. It was able to deliver drugs, addiction, classism, prostitution and a sort of servitude that most American television focuses on but going deeper into the backstory to explain the psychosis of the characters. And to me this is what makes it that much more special. It gave me gore, it gave me violence, it gave me tragic backstories, it gave me Agape, Philia, and Eros. What more can I ask for? Only problem, it lost funding so it only has one season. It leaves you on a cliffhanger but I couldn’t stop thinking about the characters looooooong after I finished the season ended. 

91 Days

91 Days - Anime - AniDB

I love this show. AbsoFUCKINGlutely brilliant and beautiful story. Not only is it gorgeous to watch, the story holds up like a movie. I couldn’t get over how entertained and nervous I was watching it. It made me debate with myself about if his motives were justified or not. The main character is an anti-hero through-and-through and I think that’s what makes it so special. Thinking (hoping) that he will make the right decision while watching his soul and his life deteriorate. So dark, but so beautiful, I’m a sucker for bad boys that wanna do good, what can I say.

Luna here to just add in a few words–this anime was fan-fucking-tastic as Star said. The way it was paced, the narrative that it told, it was all stand-out. It honestly had a masterpiece feel to it and the detail that went into it to represent the prohibition era was nothing short of amazing. To this day, there are certain scenes that linger in my mind–including the final shots of the anime. While this definitely portrays old-school mafias, it does it incredibly well.



BEASTARS | Netflix Official Site

At first this anime didn’t come to mind because there are so many themes that are prominent in the show. But at its core, it is a story about addiction and trafficking. A struggle for power internally within the characters and externally with the world they live in between the carnivore and the herbivores. They manage to show the herbivores in a higher seat of power because of how manipulative they can be, purposely and on accident. But the main gang run by, what would be, the top of the food chain marketing the major drug and trafficking not in sex but in flesh makes it that much more gripping for the audience and the best part is that I didn’t see ANY of it coming.


f4179b66481b9a2868636368984db036.jpg (1687×1238) | K project anime ...

An anime that should’ve been about kings, actually feels more like a gang-war type show. One of the main (and most beloved) clans in this show is none other than HOMRA–a full-fledged gang led by the red king. Their showdowns in manga with other gangs as well as other clans, makes this super dramatic and mafia-esque (despite not being about gangs but “clans”). I’m personally a huge fan of this show. It’s a bit messy to sort through the material but overall it’s such a great narrative once you put together the pieces. Also HOMRA forever. I don’t even care if they are a “Gang” because they are mostly a family. 



Admittedly, I nearly forgot about this. Which is stupid because it literally revolves around the mystery gang of the Dollars who are causing chaos in Ikebukuro. Not only that but we have to remember the Yellow Scarves that is led by one of the MC’s–Kida (aka my son). And not to give away anything from end of season one, but there are some shockers around our cast being even more involved with the gang life than imagined in it. This strange show about gangs, the night life, a superhuman bartender, a mysterious irish spirit riding a motorbike known as Celty, and demon swords has everything you’d want. And for me personally? Well, I was sold on the gang related drama (obviously). I feel like Durarara!! is somewhat of a classic, so if you’ve never watched it I highly recommend it. There is literally something for everyone in this anime and even though it has a huge cast of characters, it manages to portray the majority of them in such good lights that it’s hard to hate any of them…okay now that I’m talking about it I lowkey wanna rewatch the first season. 

Bungou Stray Dogs

アップデート(ハモリ)/miwa by 旧双黒好き - 音楽コラボアプリ nana

Okay so admittedly this feels like it both counts and doesn’t, but I’m going to say it counts, because even though the “armed detective agency” is a detective agency…they spend an awful lot of time dealing with the port house mafia and other gang-like subsidiaries. A brilliant show, one of the best portions (in my opinion) is learning about Dazai’s past interactions as part of the mafia. While I feel there is more typical action in this than there is deep gang related drama, it definitely has its moments which makes it impressive if not amazing (can we talk about Dazai’s past with his two friends? Like SO good). 

And there you have it folks! Our Top Favorite gang anime. We could probably fuel many posts about all these anime just by the passion we have about them. The genre itself is underappreciated being that it’s mostly Action or Seinen but if you are looking for some real heart-wrenching, emotional struggles in tense violent situations start this list is a good place to start.

AishiteLOVEru & Stay weebtastic!



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