First Impressions- Beastars

Eeeey, it’s a been a while since I, Star, have written a first impression but I figured why not help my buddy, Luna out haha.

So this is a weird college twist on the original concept of Zootopia. I’m joking but not really. It’s a carnivore vs herbivore instinct world. If there wasn’t enough in this series to discriminate against, it’s also species against species. But there is also a male and female role undertone as well.

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The main character Legosi (or grey wolf) is not the popular kid but he’s probably the strongest out of the bunch. He’s awkward and kind of aloof. But he’s got a sensitive mind. Until something awakes his animalistic urges to protect. Which he might have misinterpreted as a want to eat.

While Haru (our white rabbit) is constantly bullied because of the attention she gets with the males always wanting to protect her. But like any rabbit, she’s got a sexual side which in college makes her a slut. But it’s not necessarily because she wants to it’s because she thinks it’s expected of her to be as a female that is also a rabbit.

While the heartthrob of the school is Louis (a deer) who’s got a pretty intense and kind of abusive tendencies due to the pressure he feels as a self-proclaimed role model or “Beastar” for the herbivores. But in the end, I think it’s about him asserting his dominance with the other males no matter if they are herbivore or carnivore. And proving to himself that he is the best in his field that is acting.

“Beastars” are students who put their differences aside and represent peace among carnivores and herbivores.

The characters are actually pretty relatable. Other than the obvious animal remarks used as curses the script is very fluid and natural in terms of language and conversation.

But putting all that aside, it’s a murder mystery! In a drama club! Or at least that’s how it opens. I’m starting to believe though that is actually a story about understanding, acceptance, and respect. Just from an animal’s point of view.

In a way, it reminds me of a modern “world of beasts” from Boy and the Beast, in terms of world-building. But artwise it doesn’t look anything like it in style.

The Opening is super jazzy. And the animation is stop motion (or at least it looks like it.)

The Ending is wild and reminds me of the opening to Kakegurui season 1. There is also multiple endings depending on the content of the episode where the last shot changes.

Depending on the ending you receive the lyrics in the songs have a slight horror-like twist to them to represent the murder mystery part of the story that is easily forgettable with all the politics of the animal kingdom. Matching the opening.

All in all it’s interesting. I feel compelled to see it to the end and find out what Legosi’s true feelings are for Haru and how Louis fits in to all of this.