Star’s experience in BL: Banana Fish

So this had me in my feels. Wow no wonder why Luna was raging about it. This is incredible and this time, I’ll be the one to tell you why! – Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk.-

Being that this series came out in the 1980s, this set the bar for most BL going forward. Their relationship was emotional without being sexual. And I honestly believe it’s due to the respect they have for one another which allowed it to blossom beyond physical attraction and camaraderie. I must commend the author for writing such a beautiful relationship in the chaos of human trafficking, gang violence, drug and sexual abuse. Watching these two opposites find solace, security, and love within each other was something to behold.

Because of Ash’s history in sexual abuse, I don’t believe Ash would have ever made the first move. Keeping their beds apart was a purposeful move on the authors part. Which caused me to think Eiji was giving Ash space. So in a way they both may have been waiting for the other to make a move but we all know it would have been Eiji. It honestly always is and it was never sexual.

But I also want to mention that although they appreciated their own space they also weren’t pressured to do anything together. Which meant we the audience were starved of this affection. Thinking from the author’s POV, maybe this was a way to give them privacy. And since we’ll never see the full extent of their domestic moments we still have the extras.

One of the most important things I found incredibly interesting was the fact that there wasn’t an English dub. I suppose making it an anime was a hurdle in itself, but I truly think this series would thrive in dub especially because of the American influences that steered this anime. (We’re going to ignore my deep want for this to be a live action because that’s a pipe dream.)

Lastly, as I’ve shared here the images of the manga and the anime are honestly enjoyable to see. Seeing as I didn’t read the manga first, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much the art in the anime resembled the art in the manga with a modern twist. And on that note the music was spot on! I feel like it was a great homage to the era that the manga was written in, 1990s.

And now it’s the wallpaper on my phone. RIP me. I do this to myself. #sufferingbuthappyaboutit



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