Play that Weeby Music Fanboy! – Top 5 Anime Openings of Spring 2020

Hello all you lovely weebs and normies and welcome back to Otaku Thursday! We’re about halfway through the spring season (can you believe it? Half. WAY), which means that while I’m still picking up new anime each week to watch, I have had the time to listen to ALL of the openings from the season. But of course because I slave hours and hours listening to the same songs until I drive myself so mad with anime music, I decided to bring in the help of Star and my brother once again, to help me decide which five openings were the cream of the crop, the opening a-la-mode, the best openings of Spring 2020. Let’s get counting.

Special “I can’t believe this opening exists” Award: Bessatsu Olympia Kyklos — I’m putting the anime name because I can’t even with this opening.

5) “Prism” by AmPm ft. Miyuna, Fruits Basket Season 2

Fruits Basket Season2 Episode 2 Review & Spoilers! Eat Somen With ...

Fruits Basket can do no wrong. The first opening song was amazing in part due to it’s nostalgia, this song is just plain amazing. It’s paired perfectly with the animation, to the point that as the characters walk, they walk to the beat of the song. It’s very chill and gives off summery vibes. There’s also a great deal of foreshadowing in the seemingly meaningless opening (the manga fans who know, KNOW) which I appreciate. But honestly, this comes it at number five because it does sort of seem like a more boring or less visually interesting opening than others.

4) “Answer” by Leo Ieiri, Major 2nd -season 2-

Major 2nd Episode 2 - If I Wasn't the Second • Thebiem

I like the fact that Star and I had the exact same reaction to this: It’s. So. CUTE. Like honestly, there’s something about this opening that is just gosh darn adorable and we both found ourselves rating it highly without really knowing why. The song is very good, I’ve never heard of the artist but he had a very charming and somewhat nostalgic voice. The animation itself is not amazing or anything, but again the song pairs exceptionally well. I don’t know, we just really enjoyed it.

3) “TOP” by Stray Kids, Tower of God

Watch Tower of God Online - Kami no tou

Hot damn this looked like a movie trailer! The song is definitely one of the more unique sounding pieces from this season, and it worked really well with this anime. The cuts between animation and black screen for credits was very cinematic and almost made the opening feel more hype than the song actually was. The one thing that threw me off, as well as Star, was that the song and the animation cuts weren’t in total alignment, so while it’s good and felt hyped–it also felt just a little off. Had they synchronized a little better, I think this opening could’ve reached god tier status.

2) “Chiisana Hibi” by Flumpool, Kakushigoto

First Impressions of Kakushigoto and My Next Life as a Villainess ...

I don’t know who Flumpool is. But I would like to know them from now on. There’s something about their sound that I really like and it’s almost like early-mid 2010 shoujo opening sound. The opening animation itself is super adorable and is synchronized very well with the song. There were some very nice animation moments that made this more visually interesting than other shoujo anime (sorry Furuba). I also found something very interesting about the way they depicted and older Hime in contrast to Goto. While the anime itself is very fluffy, the opening gave off a melancholic vibe that I was on board for. Honestly, despite being at number two on this list, it may be my guilty pleasure favorite.

1) “Hummingbird” by Blue Encount, Ahiru no Sora -season 3-

TV Time - Ahiru no Sora (TVShow Time)

Star really doesn’t like this anime. But even she can’t deny that this opening was BOPPING. The animation itself was very interesting. It’s a sports anime…but the opening feels much more artistic than that. The way that the characters faces have overlays of memories is very interesting–even moreso that they are all blue toned. And you don’t even realize that the blue tone is an overlay of the sky in their silhouettes. Towards the end of the opening, the animation turns into this really cool kind of water colored art that I’m sure is reminiscent of manga pages and reminds me personally of the Hoshiai no Sora and Yuri on Ice openings. Overall, this opening is super stunning.

So there you have it! These have been the top 5 openings of Spring 2020! What do ya’ll think of these openings? Are there some good ones you think deserved to be on this list? Let me know!

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