Star’s experience in survival anime- A “7 seeds” review

I typically don’t watch survival anime (gives me a lot of anxiety) but every now and then one catches my eye. This one was 7 seeds.

Alright, 7 seeds is set in a post apocalyptic scenario where the Earth gets destroyed by giant astroid. Some of the rich people of the world invested in experiments to ensure humanity survives. One project was to make 7 groups of people who are survivalists, psychics, traditionalists, architects, athletes, artists, and delinquents.

7 seeds actually has a lot more depth then the trailers make it out to be. Each character has a history and although we think that there’s years of the world we’d never know about, the creator has thought that through as well.

It’s hard for me to choose a main character since character is like the main character to their own story. So I’ll barrow it down to the stories I feel the series circles back to the most. A couple that is split apart (being that they don’t for certain know when or if the other has survived). A man who’s group woke up several years before the other groups. A man who is going through a lot of torment due to his past prior to the apocalypse. And a girl who is honestly bad at everything tried her best to push forward.

Given that this series is on Netflix in Sub and Dub, it’s not confirmed that we will get a third season. But lucky for us weebs the manga series is 35 volumes long starting on 2000 ending in 2017. So there’s is hope for us still that it will pick up. Like most manga to anime adaptations there is more backstory in the printed pages.




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