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What up weebs? It’s ya girl, Luna. You know what I’ve been finding myself doing a lot? Reading Webtoons. The last time I wrote about them, I was still new to the world of webtoons–I had only just started and had listed the ones I got started on. But it’s been a while and I’ve read A LOT more. So I thought, what better than to revisit what I’ve started to read? After all, some of these were actually suggestions I got off the last post! So, without further ado, here are some of my current favorite webtoons (I would list everything I’m reading but that’s like 30+ items. DAMN YOU WEBTOONS).

Lumine by Emma Krogell

LUMINE Webtoon Review | Yaoi Worshippers! Amino

Holy shit on a fucking stick. How did I not know about Lumine when I started webtoons? In my last post on webtoons, I’d mentioned I’d only just started reading it but BOY did it became an instant favorite SO quickly. Somehow Lumine is able to play my heartstrings like a fiddle. One moment I’m laughing or thinking how adorable Lumine and Cody are. The next minute I’m clutching a pillow and sobbing my eyes out over the backstory of Cody’s pet cat (seriously though. That hurt so bad that I dare not re-read it). Anyway, this webtoon is about a runaway werewolf who ends up the bodyguard for a witch who can’t do magic without making himself ill. The two, naturally, don’t start off as friends but quickly get there due to…let’s just say a series of unfortunate events. Honestly this both written incredibly well and drawn amazingly, and right now it’s the webtoon I look forward to the most every week. Also 100% would adopt these poor babies. I stan their happiness.

My Deepest Secret by Hanza Art

9 Famous Artists On Social Media You Probably Did Not Know Were ...

Delightfully fucked up. That’s exactly how I would describe this webtoon. On my last webtoon post, Inskidee so kindly recommended it because they thought I’d like it. And good sweet baby werewolf they were right! This story is about a girl named Emma and her sexy-package-of-pixels of a boyfriend Elios. Now, Elios has everything a girl would want. He’s kind, handsome, caring, sweet, thinks the world of Emma, and would 100% stab anyone who made her sad. In fact, he already has. Very early on in this webtoon, you learn just how batshit crazy Elios is (we love a crazy mofo) and yet he never lets it show to Emma. But like, the question so far has been why? Why is he so protective? Is that just his dere type? I want to know, and with a character who is a detective thrown into the mix, I’m sure the mysteries will unravel. This comic excites me every time there’s an update, so thank the nine-tailed-demon-fox-spirit that it came back recently. I could not recommend it more (and again, Elios might be crazy but he’s on that hot/crazy scale and winning).

Pastel-colored Pages by Kuyashii Kiyu

Pastel-colored Pages, List2 |

This one has already made me big sad and I think it’s only ever going to hurt me more. And you know what? Star is the one who recommended it (THANKS A LOT BUD). This webtoon is a romantic drama about a woman who is dying and who picks up a younger guy off the street who is pretty badly injured and takes him in. It’s her way of doing something good with however much longer she has to live. But of course, where they could’ve just made these two friends or like siblings, there was instead a spark of romance…buckle up! It’s about get tragic in here. Masato, the younger guy, at first seems stand offish, but Ayane’s kindness starts to attract him and he falls into loving her. The worst (best) part is that Ayane realizes this, but knows that she can’t let him fall in love with her entirely since she’s dying. Thus begins the most depressing and dramatic love story I’ve read in webtoons yet. But it’s soooo good! Oh well,at least Star can join me in my pain.

Castle Swimmer by Wendy Lian Martin

Images about #kappaxsiren tag on instagram

Under the sea~ under the sea ~ everything’s better down where’s it wetter, listen to me! No, seriously. I avoided this for a long time because I thought it was just gonna be some little mermaid-esque bull but oh was I wrong. Instead I got this interesting story about a hero known as the beacon who is to go and essentially save the kingdoms of the sea and complete their prophecies. Which doesn’t sound bad until you end up in the kingdom where the shark prince has to kill you. It also sucks if you’re said shark prince and don’t want to do it. The webtoon is about the unlikely friendship and blossoming love between said shark prince, Siren, and the beacon — Kappa — who he is expected to kill in order to break the kingdom curse. The relationship between them is priceless, I would honestly take a spearhead for Siren, and there’s a good amount of plot twists that rear their ugly heads and make this story impossible to not want to binge. As the story moves from the kingdom into more open waters, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

SugarStars by MaracuyasArt (Lavender Ice)

SugarStars webcomics (@SugarStars_) | Twitter

Sweet aliens in love! It hath risen once more! Now, I don’t know how many of you remember, or even were aware of it back in the day, but SugarStars is actually a really old comic from maybe 10+ years ago. It was started by MaracuyasArt, or at the time, LavenderIce, who was an artist on Deviantart. It had a huge cult following of anime lovers, and had its own website with a chat box for people to talk in. I was a huge fan of it back in the day, and was around for the first iteration of it. But, of course, as all artists and storytellers do–LavenderIce revised it a few times, coming out with new versions, but never really finished it. It fizzled out a bit, though everyone still loved the creators art, and no one could blame the artist for it never finishing. Except, then I recently found it on Webtoons and was absolutely FLOORED. I told Star immediately and now I’ve been casually following along and being amazing at the improved artwork and the way the story has evolved. Though it’s only getting restarted again, I’m super psyched to see this story about aliens in love, being updated again and I couldn’t recommend it more. I’m sure this iteration of SugarStars is going to be fantastic!

So, those are just a few of the many webtoons I’ve been obsessed with recently. But of course, being an addict as I am, I would love to get some recommendations from ya’ll on what to read next! The world of webtoons is as wide as wonderland and I need a white rabbit to lead me into’s depths.

Stay weebtastic




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