First impressions: Love is War Season 2

And we are back for another battle of intellect for Kaguya-sama season two! So since it continues, there obviously wasn’t a winner from last season. But we can safely say that one of them definitely has the upper hand.

All of our favorite characters are back and there’s new students to add some competition into this year’s election for student council president. It also brings back some piviotal episode themes, which it’s honestly a welcomed pleasure.

I must say though, the romantic tropes are definitely more apparent in this one. Which gives it a parody like feel of Japanese rom-coms on general. After some thought though, it started to make sense to me about why this takes place in high school and not college. It’s purely because they can’t get away with all the shenanigans they pull at a university, that would take away the play from the game.

Animation wise I would say there is a little more attention to detail and the directing is in line for the things happening in the moment and less in their minds. We are also shown more of the things they do outside of school and in a more relaxed state.

Music wise, it was a good little reunion to hear the artist who did the original opening for season one. Visually the opening itself has a plot. I actually thought it was part of an episode so here’s season two.

And there you have it folks!




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