How to spot a Weeb 101

In case you are a weeb looking for other weebs, or a normie that’s confused here’s a quick and sure way to know how you’ve found the weeb. Weebs have tells and they have gotten really good at being subtle. Most weebs may not always want to talk about anime in general, but a particular anime sure!

#1 Fashion Choices

Weebs can’t help but collect things from their favorite animes and movies. It gives them little bursts of happiness. Sometimes it’s based on nostalgia, shows you didn’t think were anime. Like Pokemon or Sonic the hedgehog. You can catch it loud and proud on a shirt or jacket, or subtly on socks or jewelry.

#2 Accessories

Weebs love flair, we wear them like trophies. Flair can be buttons, pins, landyards, stickers, keychains, etc. It’s so that we can take a little bit of our favorite characters with us. Same can be said about people who love a particular animal or color.

#3 References

This weeds out the otaku from the noobs or just straight normie. Most normies have a basic knowledge of anime, they wouldn’t necessarily know a common saying like, “Believe it!”, “Plus ultra!”, “Link start!” etc. Noobs on the other hand will recognize it and perhaps use that to start up a conversation. Otaku though, they will challenge the speaker with knowledge that can be just as (or more) subtle in references.

At the end of the day, weebs get lonely being unable to share their interests. They also don’t want to feel attacked or judged by what they like. So depending on the person it can be out of their dark little corners and onto the street. Blending fashion trends with anime merch.

Sorry to cut this blog short! But if you think of more tells feel free to share in the comment section below!

And remember, this is a safe space.




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