Luna in WebtoonLand! — Current Reads

What up weebs? It’s ya girl, Luna. You know what I’ve been finding myself doing a lot? Reading Webtoons. The last time I wrote about them, I was still new to the world of webtoons–I had only just started and had listed the ones I got started on. But it’s been a while and I’ve … More Luna in WebtoonLand! — Current Reads

Luna’s fantastic journey into Webtoons

You know, as the fall season makes me busier at work, I find myself having less time to read manga. But recently I’ve discovered something that’s great and has short enough chapters that means that I can read them in my off time and breaks throughout work—WEBTOONS. I first came across webtoons by discovering True … More Luna’s fantastic journey into WebtoonsMore Luna’s fantastic journey into Webtoons