First Impressions: GANGSTA

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I’m incredibly frustrated by my experience of this anime.

The plot was amazing, the characters were engaging, the history of the lives and their connection to the world was immersive, the drawing style was gritty, the story was sweet then it all ended abruptly.

I am the kind of person that doesn’t dedicate to series longer than 24 episodes unless I know it has an end. SO I was beyond upset. I had just enough info to be fully introduced to the characters in the story then it was all unanswered.

This studio had to be satists. They knew they were bankrupted and couldn’t finish the series but they released it anyways.

Yes, this is a common occurrence in the anime industry but HOLY SHIT. I wanted so much information. And the plot was so intense I got wrapped up in that and my unanswered questions were left unanswered. What the hell was I to do.

Apparently, there are podcast like stories being told of the characters in the series, spin off novellas and the manga is finally back on track from being on hiatus. So unless you dedicate yourself to catching up with the manga and listening to the japanese podcasts on the series I wouldn’t recommend this series for leisure purposes.

But the fundamentals of good storytelling and complex characters is a MUST. I loved the characters and lost them too soon. Maybe if more people watch it and the manga ramps up in readers, another studio might pick it up and there’s hope for a second season. But other than that, don’t get too attached.



I dub thee.


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