Day 10: Welcome to the Coffin Club – Vampire Anime

Here we are! Another day in Otakutober and I, Star, am coming at you with Vampiric content! I’ll do my very best at suggesting some vampire themed anime that we at YCK find amusing! A lot of these are from more recent years in anime but there’s something for everyone listed here haha. (Plus this helps me be less biased with my old Otaku taste.)


Vampire dies in no time

This is a comedic story about a vampire who meets a vampire hunter in the modern day alternative universe where vampirism is a disease and you turn to sand when scared to death. It’s honestly crack energy with a very touching animal companion.


Diabolik Lovers

Well. This was an otome game first, so you can imagine what this reverse harem is all about. They just want to suck her blood but they’ll fight each other and seduce her to do it.


Call of the night

This is a simple slice of life anime about a boy who meets a vampire and wants to be one. But in this story you have to fall in love after a vampire bites you in order to change. So this anime is about understanding what love is.


Rosario + Vampire

I got four words for you,” Two girls, one body.” But it’s bishoujo so there’s a lot more girls.


Visual prison

Alright, this one is many handfuls and multiple spoons so brace yourself. This one is about a boy with a love for singing and happens upon his all time favorite idol, who is also a vampire. Through the power of them signing together the blood moon awakens the secret vampire gene within the boy and poof he becomes a parital vampire called a “dampyer”. The moon then tells them they must compete in a competition and win the prize wish for the boy to become a whole vampire and he accepts. Together with his idol he builds a boy band to compete against other vampire boy bands for the grand prize. And yes, this is an unofficial BL.

And that’s all for now! See you in the next post!




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