SAND: First Impressions – The Vampire Dies in No Time

Hello and welcome back to Otaku Thursday! Tis’ the month of December, meaning that we are getting ready for our annual 12 Days of Weebsmas which starts NEXT Monday. I emphasize next mostly for myself and Star…a reminder of sorts. But for today, I thought I’d keep it nice, short, and simple by coming at you with a First Impressions! And today we are going to be talking about the crack that’s on crack show: The Vampire Dies in No Time.

the vampire dies in no time

The Vampire Dies in No Time
Draluc and Ronaldo

The Vampire Dies in No Time is an anime that I thought–hmm. This could be funny. I thought that–I thought that and I was not wrong. The Vampire Dies in No Time is a funny anime–which is kind of funny to me because once watching it, I realized it was trying too hard to be funny with absurdist humor. Now, the thing is–it’s absurdist humor totally works. I need to say that because there’s some anime with abdsurdist humor that I just can’t get into–take for example, Nichijou or FLCL. Both feature absurd comedy but neither I’m a huge fan of. So to me, these shows can be very hit or miss. However, The Vampire Dies in No Time, while still getting eye rolls aplenty from me, manages to also make me burst out in uncontrollable at the strangest things. Did I laugh at the flower vampire? No I was extremely disturbed. But was I rolling on the floor at the “clothes eating vampire” that walked into the lake and didn’t do it’s job? YES. And I continue to when recalling the moment. It’s like there’s so many crazy things going on constantly at the show, that you’re actually bound to laugh at one of them–even if you don’t expect to. It’s like every time we turn on the show, Star and I both cringe and laugh. It’s a little strange.

The Vampire Dies In No Time 
vampire anime
Ronaldo and Draluc
John supremacy

I do think that part of what appeals to us to keep watching are the characters. Ronaldo, Draluc, and John. Mostly John. Actually like 95% John. While Ronaldo and Draluc’s relationship of living together, needing each other in a way, and getting annoyed and annoying each other is entertaining, it can sometimes be too much. Meaning, sometimes I wonder if there’s any characterization for them besides just annoying the other. But also like, this is a comedy show so I rather doubt it. Still, they are entertaining and definitely not hateable characters. Plus I get a kick out of Ronaldo’s woes as a writer needing to meet deadlines, though Star and I keep to personal deadlines, the motivation of being locked in an iron maiden with only a laptop certainly hits home. John, the armadillo, is a character that does not talk at all. However, he is by far my favorite. Mainly because he’s as cute as say–Mii-kun from How to Keep a Mummy. I always feel so bad for him when he gets dragged into things or taken away from Draluc cause my man John is just trying to live a happy life with his vampire companion. He does not want to be trying to put together Draluc’s sand all the time. As for side characters? None are necessarily memorable and some of them are more than a little disturbing. But y’know. That’s what we get in a crack show that’s on crack.

As for animation and music…the animation is meh. I really like the art style and the colors and design of the city are really nice. But like…the actual animation is standard. Not great, not bad. Well–occasionaly bad but still. It’s a comedy anime so I don’t normally have high hopes for great animation. Music is pretty good with an engaging soundtrack that certainly helps the comedic elements. Plus the opening is actually a straight up bop. As for story–well there virtually is none. So not doing any great favors in any categories.

The Vampire dies in no time
Draluc and Ronaldo dancing

So essentially what I’m saying is…did we enjoy The Vampire Dies in No Time? Yes. Will you enjoy it? Unclear. It’s really 50/50 depending on whether the jokes fall with you–because again, quite a few of them fall flat, but there’s so many that it just still is entertaining and at least one joke will make you laugh. It certainly isn’t Anime of the Season worthy but mind find itself a nomination for comedy anime. But there has been a lot of good comedy this year. But what about you all. Have you seen The Vampire Dies in No Time? Let me know if you have and what you thought. I’ll see you all next time for the beginning of our annual 12 Days of Weebsmas!

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