The Beach Episodes: Luna AND Star’s top 3

Hey all! If you’ve been keeping up with Star and I’s instagram, you know we’re currently on vacation in Hawaii! So here I am writing a blog post on my phone. But being inspired by the sunny weather, I thought what better post than to reminisce about some of the best beach anime episodes? I mean, we all know that most animes have at least one beach episode. And they are usually pretty GREAT. Usually about bonding and heart to hearts, these anime episodes really pull at your kokoro. Star and I took some time from our vacation to think about our favorite Beach episodes so let’s get into it! Here’s our top 3 memorable Beach episodes!!!

3) Ouran High School Host Club

The Ouran high school host club beach episodes is one to definitely go down in history. There was drama, romance, humor, and—bonus points—a voice actor who was just eating milky ways. Let me elaborate on that last one, in the bloopers of Ouran, the actress voicing Haruhi had to deliver a line while chewing milky way to try and mimic the sound of eating a crab. It was great just like this episode. I thought that while there was no real importance to this episode, it did provide a glimpse into Kyoya’s (aka one of my faves) mindset and how he can teach Haruhi things the others just quite can’t (scare tactic. Nice). There is also a super sweet scene in here of Haruhi jumping into Tamaki’s arms after being scared of thunder. It’s sweet and I think is a moment that does a lot for their whole relationship. If nothing else, that is what makes this a memorable episode.

2) Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

Of course an anime where the boys are already swimming and shirtless will have a GREAT episode (technically episodes—I believe this lasted more than one). No but for real the sexual—I mean dramatic, tension in this episode is plentiful and great. A little more dramatic than most beach episodes, this created a wonderful bonding experience for the group. As they all got caught in the waves and had to be rescued by each other and end up telling personal stories for one another. This kind of bonding experience is what I think most beach episodes strive for, whether from tension or fun. It was a heartwarming moment for the boys who were freezing from the waters they’d rescued each other from.

1) Another (Star’s written opinion)

In Another, the class decides to go on a trip to the beach. Thinking that they are safe from the curse of students continuing to die, but of course they weren’t. I consider this to be one of my top favorite Beach episodes of all time because it had elements that every beach episode would have BUT with a horrific twist. This episode dangled the possibility of a calm within the storm, which is the entire anime. And as a viewer you rapidly went from relaxed to on edge and honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better result from a horror anime. It’s the chill breeze on the sandy beach.

Honorable mention:

The beach episode that never happened from Grand Blue. There was a GREAT preview in Grand Blue of a beach episode that had unexpected love, mystery, tragedy, sharks, and danger! Too bad that it was just the anime trolling us since it NEVER HAPPENED. Still, it would’ve been great.

Til next time! Signing off!


—Luna & Star


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