Life is hard for an Otaku: Vacation

This one goes out to the nerds that love to travel and those that don’t travel enough. Traveling other countries, going back to where you grew up, exploring new cities and planning events and occasions outside of your normal cosplay making and collections.

(And not including conventions you WEEBS lol.)

There’s a few of us out there that just want to experience the world. Not necessarily for nerdy purposes but just to get out of the house and see something new. This usually involves packing, buying tickets, finding places to stay, eating out and walking around. BUT in style. A nerdy, weeby style. Representing your fandoms and love of all things chibi, can still be present even on the road!

Some things you haven’t thought about

(Or maybe you have.)

Valid warning: Going down this hole may strike some immediate drop in your funds.

There are many sites they sell useful items that are perfect for travel. They aren’t necessarily cheap and they may not be well made but they are cute.


Sometimes you want to keep your liquids in the bottles, and your socks in one place. This is how you do it.

  • Planners, digital or paper (Come in sooooo many themes and cuteness)
  • Containers/dividers (Make-up boxes, toothbrush holders, electrical cord ties, protectors, luggage sets, reusable plastic bags)


Gotta make sure you’re grabbing the right suitcase, so finding easy ways to identify which is yours is the best way to NOT grab someone else’s.

  • Luggage tags
  • Stickers
  • Straps


  • Neck rests, carry-on pillows (Stuffies, tsum-tsums, pillow pets, something squishable and soft)
  • Blankets, throws (can double for pillows as well as additional warmth)
  • Small Umbrellas (those that fit in bags)


Be prepared for anything! Have it be subtle and fashionable or bright and extravagant, formal or informal. Layers will save you from wardrobe malfunctions and room in your luggage.

  • Light clothes (tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, dresses, leggings)
  • Thick clothes (jackets, hoodies, sweaters, jeans)
  • Shoes (sandals, slippers, flip-flops, boots)

I think that covers a lot of the most important stuff. There’s so much that can be customized and themed and that can really make packing more enjoyable.

Stay tuned for Convention life packing, that’s a whole OTHER beast.




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