Life is Hard for Otaku: Luna & Star’s fabulous Hawaii trip

It’s sunny and bright. The water is blue and beautiful. There’s the sound of chickens down the road—triggering fever dreams of white sand beaches.

For the past week, we have Star & I have been in Hawaii (but if you follow our Instagram you probably already know that). Star, who is from Hawaii, showed me around all the good stuff! We had an action packed trip filled with some good luck, good places, and wonderful beaches.

One of the first places we went was, of course, the beach. Now, I’m not a strong swimmer (well I can’t swim at all) so the waves were intimidating at first but when Star walked me out past the break it was kinda fun (but still intimidating). Its an ocean I wish I’d spent more time in, even if I was just standing and getting used to the waves. Even being hit by them was semi-fun! Now I’m determined to come back to Hawaii to spend more time in the water and get even more used to it! We also ate at a TON of places and I got to experience some of the best food i’d ever had and am sorely going to miss.

We also went on a site tour of movie sets on Kualoa Ranch. Which, many of you nerds out there will know as the place they filmed Jurassic Park! And Jumanji and episodes of Lost and many many other things. Seeing the sets was really intense and it was a first for both of us. We even took a picture with a “real” dinosaur!

Another thing we did was go on a pirate cruise. Yes, it was aimed at families and kids but it was still fun to go on! Not only did we get a beautiful view of the ocean, we also got to see a whale breach. It then proceeded to flip it’s fin in what I believe was a mating dance before swimming away and scaring the living daylights out of two kayakers. It was hilarious to watch. The pirate crew (who were very charismatic) also said they’d never seen a whale on that particular cruise, so it was a very special moment. I felt very lucky to have witnessed it. And our luck only continued. We also saw peacocks, sea turtles, and even the state fish (I’m not even going to try to spell it out). The pirate ship was also great because we got to duel each other with toy swords aboard the ship! The captain said we were the best swordsmen and we got to do this all while listening to Pirates of the Caribbean and Narnia music.

Overall our trip was, magical to me. We explored all parts of the island, ate a lot of good food, saw a lot of chicken, explored the Disney resort, and spent quality time together. It was the best friendcation and I truly look forward to our next one! Maybe it’ll be Japan, maybe Europe, or maybe it’ll be back to Hawaii! Who knows? But we’re looking forward to it! Til next time!



P.S. this is part 1 of Hawaii trip! Read Part 2 Here!


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