Life is Hard for Otaku: Luna & Star’s Spectacular Hawaii Trip (part 2)

As promised, here comes part 2 of our excellent trip to Hawaii, written by yours truly (aka Luna). While pirates, food, sealife, and dinosaurs filled the last post, this time we’ll be focusing on some of the less exciting, but just as amazing, parts of our trip to the ever-sunny and water-bluer-than-the-sky, Hawaii.

Now, one of the best and most chill days Star & I had was spent shopping. That’s right. I did say shopping. Now I’m sure most of you are thinking: you went to the land of white sand beaches to shop? CORRECT. See, Star has been telling me for years that shopping in Hawaii is so much better than the mainland. Why? Because they actually have clothes that are made for short people with curves. I’d always been impressed with the wardrobe she’d bring back from her on her trips home, but I never FULLY understood until we went shopping at Jeans warehouse. Truly life changing to go to a place, try something on, and have IT FIT PROPERLY. I didn’t spend nearly as much as I could’ve there, but it was also at the beginning of our trip (gotta budget y’know?).

Another one of our more relaxed outings was to a Buddhist temple. While there we of course gave offering to the Buddha as well as prayer, fed koi fish, bought some souvenir charms for our friends, got fortunes (I will apparently have very good luck while Star will have good luck), and also carved our names out into bamboo. This was my first time at such a place, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope that the luck turns out to be true, guess I just got to believe. Oh! I also saw two really cute temple cats. Which were extremely welcome amongst all the wild chickens.

While in Hawaii, we also spent a lot of time with Star’s family. One of our trips visiting took us to Makaha where we enjoyed a night drinking wine and eating an incredible amount of seafood (which was absolutely delicious but I can’t BELIEVE we actually finished it all by ourselves). The next morning we went to a 7-11, one of my favorite places on island, because they had EVERYTHING. Good musubi, good snacks, and HOT MATCHA. Seriously those 7-11’s are probably the closest thing to a conbini I can get. Miraculous. We also were able to explore a little bit of the Disney resort, which was, to say the least, amazing. What was more amazing though, was to know that the people staying there paid so much for their rooms, but even just walking around the shop area, you could tell why. It seemed like it was basically a hotel Disneyland. Super amazing. After exploring what little we could explore, we headed to the Swap meet, which is, again something I’d hear much about. And it was good! It was like many swap-meets I’d been to before, and we found a lot of good souvenirs there for our friends and family. Plus I got to drink from a real coconut (so touristy, right?). It was truly a great time, and a great full final day on island.

There was also one other great moment. It happened more towards the middle of our trip. Star decided to take me to Hawaii Kai. It was a long bus trip, we had to wait a half hour at a stop alongside the road for a bus and then walk twenty minutes when we got off to get where we were going, but we eventually arrived at a little eatery by the harbor in Hawaii Kai. We had fancy food, and drank some good drinks, and just kind of talked. It was super nice, and chill, and it really felt like a mini adventure where we got to see the sunset while eating and drinking. But of course by the time we got back to where we were staying we were starving again, so as we walked home at night, we stopped at Zippy’s (aka best fast food) to get something to go. That night was just…great. It was a true adventure amidst all our adventures on island. And the trip as a whole was something I’ll never forget.

So there you have it! Here ends my posts on our trip to Hawaii! It was absolutely wonderful and I really look forward to our next trip (wherever it may be). Our adventure bug was definitely satisfied for a bit but it’s bound to rear itself again! Maybe Europe next time? We’ve always wanted to backpack. But no promises! Thanks for reading and let us know what your favorite place to visit/best travel memory is in the comments below!

Til next time! If you missed Part 1 you can read it here!




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