Life is hard for an Otaku: Gift giving

This is a 101 guide to picking the perfect gift for a weeb or a normie. This one goes out to all the introverts out there who are a bit too awkward to wiggle out a good hint about a thoughtful gift from a friend.

There is difficulty in finding gifts for both Weebs and Normies. With Normies it’s almost too vague. Watching them examine products in a store or take note over their favorite food. But what if, instead of a material gift you give them a new experience.

Normies that don’t have a passion might enjoy finding a new one.

This becomes an opportunity to dive head first into something you and they have never tried before.

Normies that do have a passion, might have collected all they can about their passion.

Which just means you indulge them on what they like even more OR introduce a challenge with something similar to their passion.

Weebs are difficult in the way that normies are but sometimes they go that extra mile. So that leaves you with two options that I’ve listed below.

1. Beat them at their own game

Go that extra EXTRA mile. Get them the thing they could only dream of getting. With proper planning you might be able to afford that gift.

2. Give them the opportunity to get it themselves

Do the planning for them and surprise them with the means to get it.

In a way, the term Normie and Weeb are interchangeable. Because Normies are Weebs in their own rights. And Weebs are Normies in their own communities. So really any normie can understand any weeb by the power of passion and obsession.




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