First Impressions: Call of the Night

This is the most on top of a First Impression I, Star, have ever done LOL. So let’s get right to it shall we!

Watch the trailer

So this anime is very simple. It’s about a boy who’s tired of going to school and decides he’s going to walk around Tokyo (I think) at night. Being that he’s underage barely started high school he finds himself alone at a vending machine about to buy a beer when a girl in an oversized black coat appears. After spending the night talking they walk back to her apartment where she waits for him to fall asleep only to suck his blood. Yes, fam. She a vamp.

Now before we get crazy on consent, the boy decides he wants to be a vampire and she tells him, in order to become a vampire you have to fall in love with the vampire who bit you. So now he’s on a personal journey to not only fall in love, but find friendship. Although our vamp is a little crude and vulgar she gets completely embarrassed by romantic things that he does. So we don’t know the age difference of the characters yet but it’s interesting to watch the way she acts and hear the things she says. She’s at least old enough to drink (which is 20 years old in Japan).

Art wise, it’s Linden Films which is the same animation studio as Tokyo Revengers, Lehman’s (Raimon’s) Club and Saiyuki Reload -Zeroin-. What I find amusing about this series is that it’s in the same tone and energy as Kakeguri but a lot more relaxed. The colors, effects, shading, and highlights are vivid and the shadows are dark but everything has a dreamy nightlife vibe to it.

Music wise, the art is paired well in the opening and ending. The editing is goregous and to the beat. The songs are also a bop.

Personally, I enjoy this anime a lot. I’m also a sucker for vampire anime so… It was a given.




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