Day 11: Return to Trigger Town

13 Days of Otakutober is nearly over which means it’s time to get down to some of the more disturbing posts in our season–well, disturbing for me to write at least. I’m about to open a can of worms that consists of some of the most disturbing, unsettling, or heartbreaking deaths out there. Spoilers abound, so turn back now if you don’t want to know. Otherwise, strap in and get yourselves ready because today we’re returning to Trigger Town.

One of the deaths that did not make it into our last visit to Trigger Town but certainly deserved to be, was poor Conny from Promised Neverland. The reveal of her corpse inside the test tube certainly set the tone of the show and was disturbingly shocking upon the first viewing of this show. I think when compared to the rest of the series (mostly manga) it doesn’t seem as bad, but it was definitely something that haunts some of us.

Another death that should’ve made the last list but that I honestly threw so far into the vault I had to be reminded of it only by glimpsing a photo from this anime, is Megumi from the Shiki anime. Though she is a shiki, and therefore already dead–I’m talking essentially about her death as a shiki. You know, when she brutally gets run over by multiple tractors that crush her–including one that runs over her head–but she still lives through all of them until finally, someone stakes her in the heart. This scene was incredibly disturbing and I know why I chose to forget it for so many years. I may not have been a huge fan of her character, but that was a brutal way to go.

So the next truly disturbing death for me had to be pretty much any of them from 86. Now, I loved this show. And it’s not that all the deaths were hella gruesome or anything. However, they were still just plain ole shocking. Even though you knew they would all happen, it was just brutal in the way they were unexpected and also in that All the characters so desperately didn’t want to die.  More importantly, we didn’t even get to see all the deaths onscreen. Which honestly, I think made it even worse because those were the ones that haunt me–like the girl whose final words over the radio was “I don’t want to die.” That phrase exactly echoed across the characters minds forever, and same for me. I am forever unwell.

Then there’s the end of Tokyo Revengers season one. Which again is another death sequence that wasn’t necessarily over the top brutal — well kinda. But it was moreso shocking. Like HELLA shocking. We knew Takemichi fucked up but like damn at the end of season 1 it was a legit massacre. I was not okay seeing Chifuyu being shot in the head.  We did not need to see the whole place being shot up.

Spoiler alert. Like big spoiler alert. Turn away now if you do not want Beastars spoiler Tem’s death reveal, click away. So, the mystery death is revealed on how Tem died. We learn that the  way he died was honestly horrific. It still haunts me. Essentially, his friend who was a bear stopped taking the pills he needed to in order to keep his carnivoreness in control. He then devoured Tem out of what he described as love — thinking that Tem would be happy they were together forever. It was awful. Instead he was killed and eaten, yet here this bear is believing it to be such a magical moment. This was truly, honestly disturbing. Tem was so scared in reality.

The last thing I want to talk about is another massacre. However, this one was from Summer Time Rendering. A lot of death happened in this show, but I’m talking about the massacre at the Festival. When Mio got brutally murdered in front of homeboy and he had to literally shoot himself in the head. So much bloodshed.  Like damn this show was always brutal but the festival was just one step higher.

Well, I hope you enjoyed your return to Trigger Town—I know I didn’t. In fact, I opened up some cans of worms that will likely haunt me until I can throw them back into the vault. Which I really had to drag some of these memories out of. I threw them away because I was not okay haha. So if you are no longer okay—welp. My bad. Anyway, we’ll see you tomorrow for the second to last post in our countdown to Halloweeb!

Stay weebtastic




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