Day 12: What it’s like to die again and again~ Higurashi When they Die- A watch guide

Heyo! Coming at you with yet another day of Otakutober! This one is something that I’m sure some people may have questions about. Honestly, I, Star, did too. What is the order of Higurashi? What is Higurashi? Should I try Higurashi? Where should I start? Don’t worry! I gotchu fam bam.

Higurashi is a rather simple plot. A boy is going to school and all of his friends are girls. As the days go by an ominous atmosphere begins to thicken and tensions start to rise. Suddenly, people start going missing and bodies are found. As the series continues you find a much darker conspiracy being revealed.

It’s a video game, a light novel, a manga, an anime, and live-action with multiple OVAs spanning 2002 to 2021. People love it. People hate it. Something about cute girls killing other cute girls is really intriguing.

In this post, I will mainly talk about the anime but if you’re really interested I would suggest the light novels, “When They Cry – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni“. Since Higurashi is split into many different arcs, that is the best way to keep track, starting with “When they cry” (2006) which is a series of days following strange and violent events in 1983.

Below is a list of each arc and the episodes:

Onikakushi-hen (episodes 1 to 4) 

Watanagashi-hen (episodes 5 to 8)

Tatarigoroshi-hen (episodes 9 to 13)

Himatsubushi-hen (episodes 14 and 15)

Meakashi-hen (episodes 16 to 21)

Tsumihoroboshi-hen (episodes 22 through 26, epilogue at 28).

Nekogoroshi-hen (episode 27)

The second season “Kai” (2007):

Yakusamashi-hen (episodes 29 to 32)

Minagoroshi-hen (episodes 33 to 38)

Matsuribayashi-hen (episodes 41 to 51)

Then came an OVA called “Rei” (2009):

Hajisarashi-hen (episodes 52)

Saikoroshi-hen (episodes 52-55)

Then followed by yet another OVA that is just episode 56 following Hirukowashi-hen and another release of an OVA called Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira aka “Glitter” (2011-2012) following four arcs:

Batsukoishi-hen (episode 57)

Ayakashisenshi-hen (episode 58)

Musubienishi-hen (episode 59)

Yumeutsushi-hen (episode 60)

Another OVA called “Outbreak” (2013) which was 1 episode (61). Then came the newest season of “Gou” (2020-2021):

Onidamashi-hen (episodes 62 to 65)

Watadamashi-hen (episodes 66 to 69)

Tataridamashi-hen (episodes 70 to 74)

Nekodamashi-hen (episodes 75 to 78)

Satokowashi-hen (episodes 79 to 85)

Followed by “Sotsu” (2021):

Oniakashi-hen (episodes 86 to 88)

Wataakashi-hen (episodes 89 to 91)

Tatariakashi-hen (episodes 92 to 96)

Kagurashi-hen (episodes 97 to 100)

And there you have it!




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