Day 13: Tower of Trauma – Anime that WILL Hurt You

HAPPY HALLOWEEB! Yes I say weeb not ween. Because as you know, for the past thirteen days we have been celebrating and counting down via our annual 13 Days of Otakutober just for this day. Over this holiday we’ve shared with you spooky otome games, talked about urban legends, spoke about monsters, and even revisted trigger town. But today, as our special ending post, we are going to do something less sweet than in past Otakutober. We are going to finish off with listing out some anime that personally traumatized us and that might traumatize you. Like always, strap in and let’s start counting down to some of our most traumatizing anime.

School Days

It’s funny. In preparation for this post, I asked a friend of ours what anime traumatized them and they almost immediately said School Days. I asked why and she looked haunted but couldn’t explain because I honestly think she threw it as far into the vault of her mind as it could go. I know there’s some kind of bloodshed in this harem anime, but I guess I never knew it was that bad. So fair warning–it’s likely highly traumatizing.

Wonder Egg Priority

This show really did us wrong. We did not know what we signed up for when we started this anime. Sure we knew it was going to be a coming-of-age story but this show dealt with a lot of trauma for the characters. But it also managed to create trauma while watching it in my opinion. It was extremely disturbing and extremely…uncomfortable at times. The worst part was nothing ever felt truly resolved, so it felt like it just hurt you for no reason.

Platinum End

Now. There is nothing wrong with this show for the majority of the season. In fact, it was actually enjoyable. Right up until the very ending. The ending was nothing short of mind fuckery. So much so that I immediately threw the entire ending into the vault. Yes, it was a thinker. Yes, it was surely poetic. Yes–there was a lot behind it to debate and mull on. But it was also thoroughly terrible.

Future Diary

Admittedly, this will not traumatize all of you. In fact, many people watch this show and are perfectly fine. However, Future Diary is one of those thoroughly messed up storylines no matter how you look at it. Yuno is practically a serial killer. She even fucking killed her own self from another dimension. Honestly the craziest part of this entire show to me and the one that makes me want to forget it, is the fact that homegirl and homeboy end up together in the manga at the end as ‘gods’.

Flowers of Evil

This one is rightfully fucked up. Yes, it is a good story, but no I would not rewatch or reread it. I pretty much forgot this anime/manga for the longest time. It only recently came back to me when I found a picture of it when looking at other Otakutober images for posts and I was like…oh no. No, no, no, no, no. Because it was a really inriguing story but there was some thoroughly fucked up things in here that just–nope.


So Star immediately wanted to add this one because it definitely triggered her as a child. Mainly because there was just one thing in it that she absolutely hated and that was the AI being dismembered. This is because for Star, being an AI and being a human being is like one and the same and disembodied limbs is a no-no. I personally have not seen this, and thank goodness because I feel like it will be just as horrific for me.

Devilman Crybaby

Finishing out on this list is the show that people actually surprsingly loved but I cannot watch again–and neither can Star. The show was good alright, but it was disturbing as all hell. I actually shudder when I start remembering what it was like watching this anime. It was not alright–from the scene where homegirl’s body was cut up and placed on stakes to the jizz scene which made us gag, to the ending where half a corpse was being talked to. Yup it all will fuck you up good.

And with this last disturbing post, so too does our 13 Days of Otakutober come to a close. We tried to fill it with tricks and treats, highlighting some nice things and highlighting some very much not nice things. At the end of the day, we love Halloweeb. It’s our favorite time of the year and favorite holiday. While we aren’t having a big party like in past years, we’re staying in to watch spooky movies, eat good food, and work on cosplay because con is coming up. No matter what you’re doing this Halloweeb night, I hope you all stay safe, have fun, and stay weebtastic.




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