Day 7: You’re Not Even Safe Inside Your Mind – Psychological Anime

Welcome back to 13 Days of Otakutober! Today I want to take a moment to talk about some horror anime. But not just any kind of horror anime–we are specifically talking about psychological anime. You know, like anime that really twist your brain. Because I think a lot of people tend to like plain horror that’s simply about the spooks and scares. I mean, I too enjoy those kind of stories. But I often find that the stories that haunt me long after I’ve watched them tend to be ones that take place more inside of your mind. Those stories wiggle their way in and sit with you, reminding yourself of their existence in the most inconvenient moments. So if you are like me and like psychological stories too, here are some anime you should watch if you haven’t already had the displeasure of viewing them.

Flowers of Evil

This show is a psychological drama if anything. The series revolves around a boy who is contracted–or should I say, blackmailed– by a female student. She does this to him because she sees him stealing gym clothes and that’s the only way to keep his secret, but the contract quickly becomes heavily messed up and some very disturbing things happen in this series. I will say though–the anime barely touches the real story so reading the manga is a recommendation.


A psychological mystery anime. Or drama also? This series is about solving a mystery from the past. It’s very suspenseful since it’s all detective work really. But it can also be surprisingly scary as the main character goes back to being a child in this show. Sure he has the mind of an adult, but the capabilities of a kid so there are situations that still get frightening especially knowing he’s in the middle of a serial killer case.


This psychological horror revolves around a class and the gruesome and mysterious murders of those in it. From a girl that other classmates can’t see to supernatural powers and dolls eyes, there is no shortage of horror in this anime. The calamity never truly ends, as this class is just straight up cursed, so it’s really just a great Halloweeb anime to mess with your mind.

The Night Beyond the Tricolored Window

I was ridiculously invested in this BL anime. A great psychological horror that deals with both paranormal ghosts and creatures as well as being thorougly–and forgive my language–mind-fucking. Like honestly, this is a trip and half. Curses and spirits often manifest in people’s psyches, herego that’s the only way to truly drive them out. The climax of this series is a beautiful and mind-altering sequence that makes this a BL Halloween classic in my opinion.

Tomodachi Game

Hailing from this last year of anime, Tomodachi Game was a rightful psychological thriller. The entirety of the show featured characters trying to outsmart each other in the game. I wouldn’t say that this outright scary to me, but I can see how it can be–espeically to the characters themselves. Imagine learning how twisted your friend is? I know that’d fuck with me. This was a gripping show that I hope gets a second season.

Well…those were some of my favorite pyschological anime that get me in the spooky mood. Or maybe that just make me think and terrify me. Both? Honestly both. Do you have psychological anime that are either horrifying or just haunt you forever? Let us know! Otherwise stay tuned for the next part to 13 Days of Otakutober!

Stay weebtastic,




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