Day 8: ORIENT you nasty – Why are all the Monsters in Orient explicit looking?

Hey! Welcome to another day of Otakutober! Every holiday season I like to throw in a blog or two about themes that are a bit more graphic than our usual posts. Something for those who are looking for some fun sexual humor. Appreciating the sexual themes of anime doesn’t make you a degen, but all degens do love sexual themes in anime. And with that I, Star, welcome you to this trash post called, ORIENT you nasty.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Orient, it is the same creator as Magi: Labyrinth of Magic. Which if you aren’t familiar with that, it was a beautiful anime involving magic with an Arabian designed twist. Popular characters from Arabian nights were depictured and there was a lot of shirtless men, golden sparkles and badass women. After not getting a second season of Magi:Adventure of Sinbad the creator finished the manga and started a new one. So there’s no other way to put this. The images will be graphic, disturbing and weirdly erotic.

In this scene, we have a creature that has a bulbus sack and a shaft that resembles…well… a penis. Inside was a maiden who needed saving and she emerged as you would image, sticky.

This one almost needs no explanation and honestly I can’t remember where this one was animated in the show itself haha. SO this is a horde of feet on feet, with feet in feet.

This last one can be found towards the end of season two. This one is the result of a multitude of creatures devouring each other to create one monster with two bodies. Above the horned head of the snake-like creature is a body of a decapitated torso with nipples includes. There’s no fuzzing of graphics in this image.

I almost forgot about this image! Which was one of the only clear images from the anime, because let’s be real no one wants to be reminded of these creatures. So much so, I’m sure it’s someone’s personal goal to take as many of the screenshots down haha. Anyways, these are cat like creatures with two tails and a yes… A butthole for a face. When angry, there’s teeth!

And that concludes my post and luckily for you all, there is another post to follow this one that might serve as good eye bleach! See you all in the next post! Or not haha (I get it if you rather just not return after this one.)




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